SP-Studio Christmas Special 2016

Christmas Special 2016

It’s time for the annual SP-Studio Advent Calendar with daily updates! From December 1 until December 24 I will surprise you with new SP-Studio items. This blog post and the front page will be updatet every day and I will keep you informed on Facebook and Twitter as well.

The old Christmas Specials can be found here: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015.

Do you have a wish? You can request items in the blog comments or on Facebook and they might appear in one of the updates. I hope you enjoy the 24 surprises! The first one is a classic diving helmet.

SP-Studio Advent Calendar

53 thoughts on “Christmas Special 2016

  1. Janina Post author

    It will come soon 🙂 I originally planned a single sports update but had to merge it with the Christmas Special because the forum update steals more of my time than expected.

  2. CF_Mitch

    Haha, a Poké Ball, nice!
    Could you perhaps make a magic wand, like the ones from Harry Potter? Unless I haven’t been looking properly in ‘stuff’ section :$
    Also, I would like it if you could add some more lightsaber variations, including different colors (preferably yellow & orange)
    And, of course, I’m always up for more hair and facial hair styles 😉
    Can’t wait to see what else you’ll come up with the next few weeks!

  3. Janina Post author

    Thanks for the feedback 🙂
    A classic Harry Potter type magic wand can be found next to the one with the star in the “stuff” – “everything else” category.
    Regarding the light sabers: I’d prefer to change them so you can pick your own color from the palette, but this might happen after the Christmas Special. I want to use the Christmas Special for things which are really new and not just recolored.
    But there is a good chance for some hair… 🙂

  4. bobdylan44

    all your work is just amazing. i would like do now if you can make more scars and wound stuff in the calendar, if you can. it’ll be amazing.
    a truth thanks for what your doing.

  5. Jareen2

    Maybe also a thing to add, stuff based on some newer south park episodes, like perhaps the Trump hairstyle or some of those Danish hats (like the one lennart bedrager got, owner of trolltrace or some of those red gnome like hats). Or the ‘make starwars great again’ cap

  6. Janina Post author

    I am glad you enjoy the Christmas Special so far. 🙂 It’s always great to read the comments and collect wishes. Some of them will appear for sure.

  7. Eggyslav

    Oh, I have an Idea for a hat: A recolourable Kenny’s Hood, whitout Kenny’s face inside.
    And it just dawned on me, that when it comes to reptile animals, we have a snake, a turtle, and a freaking dragon, but we have no lizards, or crocodiles…
    I’d also would love to see a gramophone, an old vintage one, with that huge brass tube as amplifier, you know the type.
    And I also have an Idea for a background: some sort steampunkish clocktower interior filled with mechanisms, cogs, springs, gauges and all that machinery, think Castlevania clocktower levels, or Rasputin’s Mausoleum from Hellboy…

  8. Janina Post author

    The reason why Kenny’s eyes are part of the hood is their position on the face. In the original South Park version Kenny’s eyes have a different position than the ones of the other kids. When I started the SP-Studio I realized it looks strange if I use the hood with a hole in it, so that’s why the eyes have to be part of the hood.
    But everything else is fine and on my list now. 🙂

  9. Janina Post author

    So here comes the contest wish of Jareen2 🙂
    I added a new sabre as well because the mask was easy to draw and the existing sabre looks a little bit old fashioned.

  10. Janina Post author

    @Jetpack-guy: In case you are reading this… since the forum is offline I don’t have access to the picture of your wish (the robe). Can you please e-mail me a picture (info@sp-studio.de) so I can include it?

  11. Strider

    The diving helmet is amazing! It’s something I could have asked as a wish.
    By the way… What happens to the community? This week I hasn’t been able to get in. How long is it going to be off-line?

  12. Eggyslav

    @Strider: Funny you mention it, because it was my contest wish. 🙂
    And As for the Community, Janina is updating the forum, so it had to be shut for a couple of days.

  13. CF_Mitch

    Hi Janina, thanks for your reply!
    Guess I hadn’t been looking properly for the magic wand indeed, my bad (a)
    Regarding the lightsaber colors, I thought I read somewhere (in your reply to someone else with a similar request) that picking a color for lightsabers might be difficult to add to this program, which is why I thought about just different lightsabers. But of course you’re right regarding completely new items for the calendar. So, I’ll be patient for them 😉
    Incidentally, I love the Star Wars background! ^^

  14. Janina Post author

    You are right… now I remember testing this. I think I had problems with the gradients (the shine efect), because they got lost when I selected a different color with the palette. But I am using a newer version of Flash now and it might be worth giving it a nother try (in the new year ;)).

  15. Erwin Imagin Fourze

    I was still thinking about that decal on Leslie Meyers’ shirt and the hairstyles for Jenny Simon and and few which I’ll include next time…

  16. Janina Post author

    South Park related updates are not very likely because I stopped doing them a while ago. Hairstyles might happen though, because they are kind of neutral and can be used for many different characters.

  17. Janina Post author

    I noticed Joey Nigro spamming again and had to delete multiple of his comments. So I will not include the Timmy Failure scarf. This is not the first time this happened with Joey. I prefer to draw the wishes of people who act polite.
    I am glad the rest of my visitors act nice 🙂

  18. Olly

    Hi, I was wondering if I could make this little wish:
    I noticed in the shirt section you have the costumes for the 10th and 11th Doctors so I was wondering if you could do one of the 12th’s, preferably with the hoody if possible?
    Many thanks, and I love your work by the way.

  19. Erwin Imagin Fourze

    If any chance, here are my other wishes:
    -the paladin suit and helmet from Voltron: Legendary Defender (freestyle)
    -three cropped tops: one with sleeves, another with straps, and the other with halterneck (freestyle again)
    -And probably a Megazord toy from Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers

  20. CF_Mitch

    Great additions!
    I remembered something I’ve actually been wanting to ask for a long while.
    Could you (some day) add items to make a Cyclops, the way he appears in the X-Men Animated series: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/bd/93/68/bd9368a6ef957674d237baced246e950.jpg
    The basic suit can already be made with existing items, so I guess it’s mainly his special belt and of course his iconic visor (perhaps with the option to give it another color).
    Thanks in advance, and once again, great work!

  21. Eggyslav

    @CF_Mitch: I think a general X-Men update would be cool, not only on Cyclops, but also Wolverine, Professor X (good opportunity to add wheelchairs), Magneto, Gambit Rogue, Jean Grey/Phoenix, Storm, Nightcrawler, and others, maybe even sneak Deadpool in?

  22. Eggyslav

    Yes Joey, it is spam, now stop it at once. Didn’t you learn, that when Janina said no, it means no?

  23. Janina Post author

    Today’s update was inspired by CF_Mitch and Jareen2 who wanted more hair :).
    @Erwin Imagin Fourze: Mage Man is a neat idea, but it will be too much to handel before Christmas. Perhaps I will do a cyborg update next year with different parts.

  24. Eggyslav

    Some time ago I did a series of Nintendo Elderly Seniors (NES for short), aka. How Characters from 8bit era games would look like, if they would grow old, and here’s my Megaman:

  25. Janina Post author

    Come on… please don’t act dumber than you are. I know you understand what we mean. We had this discussion in the forum before because of your little spam problem and I am a bit tired of deleting your postings for repetition.
    I read every comment here and save the wishes to a list, so everybody just needs to post his wishes once. It won’t increase the chance to repeat them 10 times in a row. Repeating the same wish multiple times is spam and leads to me ignoring this wish.
    And now… back to topic. 🙂 It’s three more days. I already have picked ideas for those final updates, but I am still collecting requests. If they won’t make it in the Christmas Special they might still appear in later updates.

  26. Eggyslav

    Joey, stop it, or I swear to god, when Janina brings back the forum, I will personally BAN YOU.
    Other than that, Merry Christmas everyone!

  27. Janina Post author

    The final update is online and it is even Christmas related! 🙂
    I designed it so you will be able to use it in different ways when you move it around.
    I am never able to include every Christmas wish, but I hope you enjoyed the updates and it was a good mix of different topics. Now I will be on vacation (= relaxing at home) for a week, but I will use this time to have a closer look at the forum to get it back online. Check the related blog post for updates related to the forum.
    Happy holidays to all of you and a big thank you for your feedback!

  28. CF_Mitch

    Janina, a big thank you for another wonderful Christmas updates the past month! 🙂
    Loving the new scars and the hair! ^^

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