Update: a mixed LGK update

SP-Studio UpdateLars is on fire! Our favourite React developer added even more features to the SP-Studio:

  • Improved rotation: You can now choose to rotate an item clockwise or counter-clockwise.
  • Repositioning the options: In the desktop view a new arrow icon lets you pin the options menu to the top of the page. This can be helpful if you don’t want it to cover the item list.
  • Two new items: And as a little thank you for Lars I included bigger round glasses and a smart watch. The new SP-Studio gets better with every update and I appreciate his help a lot.

You can find Lars’ personal website here: https://lgk.io

SP-Studio Update

Update: Language, SVG and more

SP-Studio UpdateLars (LGK) coded useful new functions for the SP-Studio!

  • A language switcher was added to the bottom of the main page. Until now the language was only determined by your browser settings.
  • A button for the default character was added. After deleting all items you can now bring back the blue default character instead of building from scratch.
  • You can now save SVG files. They have the best quality and can be edited in specialized software. Because of my trouble with art theft it was no easy choice for me to allow these files. But I trust you to always mention SP-Studio.de as a source when you use my drawings for your own projects. Please show this respect for my years of work by adding a back link when sharing pictures based on SP-Studio assets. Under no circumstances I allow to just steal and share my assets (like the backgrounds) on websites like DeviantArt.

Big SP-Studio Interview

SP-Studio Wish Voting Gallery for requested itemsRead the interview here…

A couple of weeks ago I was asked by Starter Story to talk about my story, and now the article is live. It might be the most detailed piece I ever wrote about the SP-Studio, and there’s also some advice for you if you want to launch your own project. So I think it is an interesting read. 🙂

starterstory.com is a website focused on entrepreneurs and their launch of new business ideas. The SP-Studio is kind of a special case here, because earning money was never its main focus. But because of the audience I was able to reach with it it still counts as an success story.

New: Wish Voting!

SP-Studio Wish Voting Gallery for requested itemsThe WISH VOTING GALLERY is back!

This part of the website gives you the chance to submit ideas for new SP-Studio items I should draw. You can upload a picture with a short description and if I like the idea it will be added to the gallery. There everybody can rate and discuss it. When I work on future updates I will have a look at the gallery and it will help me to decide which popular requests to focus on first.

Important: The wish voting gallery is a handy tool to collect and discuss wishes for new items in one place, but it is never a guarantee. So if your wish is not chosen please do not try to convince me otherwise. Apart from the gallery I already have a very long list of requests.

SP-Studio Discord server

SP-Studio Discord serverhttps://discord.gg/NJQ8eWEhcS Follow this link to join the shiny new SP-Studio DISCORD SERVER! Since I am not very active on Discord this server is run by somebody else with way more experience: Jareen2 (longtime SP-Studio Forum moderator) had the idea and created it. Thank you very much! I trust Jareen2 enough to do a good job over there, so this is an “officially approved unoffical platform”. I will reply to questions in the #support and #feedback channels and you will be informed about any updates in the #announcements channel. But you can also share your pictures or just do small talk. See you there!

To celebrate the launch we will have a meet-up in the voice-chat this Saturday at 7pm CEST (check your timezone).

Update: improvements

SP-Studio updateToday’s update fixes errors, brings back 6 items and comes with many improvements!

Since the launch of the new SP-Studio I collected many small issues on my to-do-list and I used this update to address most of them:

  • I added / splitted some old items I forgot about (tambourine, 5 shirts)
  • the layer order was improved for MANY items (beards, scarfs, belts, open coats, easel,…)
  • all background places are moveable now (just in case you want them to move)
  • small drawing errors were fixed (precious gloves, swimming trunks, pillars, helmets,…)
  • more custom colors were added to the cape and Doc Ock tentacles
  • old “update stars” were removed (they should just stay for a couple of weeks from now on)

Update: movie & tv show costumes

SP-Studio update: 16 special sirts16 special shirts and a helmet have been added to the SP-Studio!

They are costumes inspired by Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Darkwing Duck, Masters of the Universe and Marvel. In addition to these classic costumes from the old SP-Studio (which have been updated) you will find three completely new ones: Son Goku (Dragonball Z), Donald Duck and the red Power Ranger! The Power Ranger comes with a fitting new helmet. All costumes come with custom colors… so you can build other Power Rangers as well. 🙂

Thanks to my Patreon supporters who voted for the new costumes! Another update with more special movie costumes will follow. Do you have any ideas for it? Write them in the coments!

Update: Magic effects & old objects

SP-Studio update: 36 dresses12 missing objects and 4 new MAGIC EFFECTS have been added to the SP-Studio!

The umbrella is a complete redrawing. I asked my Patreon supporters what they want to see and they voted for lightning, so I decided to add several magic effects. If you want to vote for new updates and support the SP-Studio at the same time you can always join my Patreon campaign: https://www.patreon.com/janinahimmen Huge thanks to everybody who already did! Especially now that I have to deal with these health issues every donation is a big help.

By the way: Of course you can recolor, flip, rotate and move the new effects, so for example the lightning or sun like glowing could be moved to the sky to be used as weather effects.

SP-Studio dresses

Update: Dresses complete

SP-Studio update: 36 dresses36 dresses have been added!

With this update you get traditional fashion from around the world (Japan, Korea, Ethiopia, Switzerland, Hawaii…), red carpet fashion, school uniforms and dresses inspired by famous movies, videogames or tv shows (Star Wars, Titanic, La La Land, Sha-Ra, Game of Thrones, Super Mario, Disney princesses,…).

This category is complete now. So all the dresses from the old SP-Studio are back – but in improved form and now you can recolor them. Some of them also support switching off the shading to make them look different. Give it a try. 🙂

Update: Shading button

SP-Studio update: shading buttonYou can now turn shadows and highlights off in the item options!

Lars coded this useful new button for us, and I know many were waiting for it. You can now decide if you want to see an item with a more detailed look or if you prefer less details. In the old SP-Studio this was only possible for hairstyles, but now you find the button on all kind of items.

There are many advantages of the new button: Patterns on wallpapers or clothes might look different when you turn off the shading. South Park fans who prefer the classic “flat” style can use it so their characters look more original. You can hide the glass of glasses. And with less details it is easier to use items as something else which will come in handy for the creative SP-Studio artists.