20 years of SP-Studio!

Let's celebrate 20 years of SP-Studio during SeptemberLet’s dedicate this month to celebrating the 20th birthday of this website! Follow the SP-Studio during Spetember for a special time travel experience:


2002, can you believe this? That’s a pretty long time! The SP-Studio is older than YouTube, Twitter or the iPhone. And I am still sitting here at the very same desk drawing updates for a project which I started while still in school. It has been really difficult sometimes, but I am happy I made it so far without giving up. While I cannot remember the exact month of the launch I know it was online by late summer. So I picked September for celebrating this special anniversary. Continue reading

Update: Text tool & speech bubbles

SP-Studio UpdateYou can now add text to your SP-Studio images!

Click on the “A” button and start to write. You can pick a font, color, size, format, rotate, lock or move it. In addition I have drawn some blank speech bubbles in different shapes which you can combine with your text. Visit the “Places” / “Foreground effects” category.

The text tool was the last big feature from the old SP-Studio which I was not able to bring back. But as always when it comes to coding Lars was there to help! Not only did he recreate the text tool but he improved it a lot. You can even use emojis, how cool ist that? With the new fonts and style options you will be able to create individual sports trikots, greeting cards or cartoons. Have fun!

Update: Pride pins

SP-Studio Update: LGBTQIA+ Pride pins16 pride pins with different flags have been added!

Pride month might be over soon, but this does not mean representation should become less important now. To help you with this and to show my support for the LGBTQIA+ community I have been drawing pride pins for your SP-Studio characters. They can wear these buttons in addition to any clothes and of course you can add more than one by using the “lock” function.

The following pride pins are available now in the “more accessories” category: LGBTQIA+, LGBTQIA+ POC, LGBTQIA+ progress, transgender, intersex, non-binary, genderqueer, genderfluid, agender, pansexual, polysexual, bisexual, lesbian, demisexual, asexual and straight ally.

Update: Work & Business Fashion

SP-Studio UpdateWith today’s big update 24 items have been added to the SP-Studio!

You can go for a more professional office look now with a skirt suit, a bottom shirt with a tie and single ties with stripes and polka dots. Four different types of name tags can be found in the “accessories” category as well. I have been redrawing some work related outfits from the old SP-Studio because I did not like their look anymore, and there are several completely new ones. Dress up as an astronaut, pilot / captain, sailor, firefighter, paramedic, city wok guy, Raisins girl, priest, police officer (long & short sleeves) or nurse. Or how about an apron or a bulletproof vest to combine with any other shirt? I hope you enjoy this update. 🙂

Update: Mechanics & Medicine

SP-Studio UpdateI turned the second Steampunk update into something a little bit different to make it more useful. 14 new items have been added today!

  • Prosthetic legs and arms as additional body parts. To make them work I also added the option for hands and shoes in two different colors. The leg is on the same level as the pants, so you can have it on top of them or under them (depending on what you pick first).
  • Five new tools: claw hammer, combination pliers, screwdriver, cogwheel, spirit level.
  • Three types of medicine: a single pill, a pill bottle and a bottle of medicine (or poison?).
  • The doctor’s coat is back in improved form with a fitting headlight / mirror.

Update: Steampunk

SP-Studio STEAMPUNK UpdateAfter my vacation and a busy month of work I am back with a new SP-Studio update. But I wished the year had started better. The events of last week overshadow everything now and my thoughts are with the Ukrainian people during these horrible times.

If you look for some distraction I prepared new Steampunk related items for the SP-Studio… and perhaps a second Steampunk update will come next week, so feel free to suggest more.

  • 2 pair of boots: laced and buckled
  • 3 shirts: Tailcoat, striped vest and underbust corset
  • a layered skirt, a steampunk top hat and a braided updo as a new hairstyle

Happy holidays!

Happy holidays!The final update of the Christmas special is online and I hope it brought you joy! 🙂 Happy holidays and a happy new year to all of you! I am taking 3 weeks of vacation now.

This was an exciting year for me in positive as negative ways. After the successful relaunch of the SP-Studio I was super motivated to draw new updates. But my health issues came in the way, and I am deeply grateful for the patience and support of the SP-Studio community when this slowed me down. It took longer than expected, but when I am back from my Christmas vacation I can finally return to the topical updates I had to delay. So I can promise you some exciting surprises in 2022. Finally I want to send special thanks to my Patreon supporters and everbody else who donated for the SP-Studio this year. You are the best! If you like what I do and now want to support the SP-Studio as well you can read more about this on the FUNDING page.

Christmas Special 2021

Every day from December 1st to December 24th a new surprise update is waiting for you! Last year I took a break because of the relaunch, but now the beloved annual Christmas Specials are back. For 24 days I will draw all kinds of new backgrounds, clothes and other objects to give you more possibilities to build your pictures. The old Christmas Specials can be found here.

And the best part is: YOU can request new items for these updates! Upload them to the Wish Voting gallery and if I like them they will appear there. Then everybody can discuss them. Popular ideas have a high chance to appear in the Christmas Special. But I will also include surprises from older requests which are not in the gallery.

I hope you enjoy the updates! Of course I am happy about feedback, so tell me about your favourites. 🙂

day 1: gingerbread man
day 2: tentacle legs
day 3: Sailor Moon dress
day 4: boxing shorts
day 5: PlayStation 5
day 6: home video effects
day 7: braids
day 8: library
day 9: MK ninja costumes
day 10: French fries
day 11: braces
day 12: mouths
day 13: Wild West
day 14: wasp / bee
day 15: Xbox Series X & S
day 16: extra shirt parts
day 17: Matrix code
day 18: Holes
day 19: 18th century dress
day 20: party border
day 21: flags & more languages
day 22: striped socks
day 23: hand fan
day 24: snowman

Why ads returned

SP-Studio UpdateSince I want to stay transparent here is a quick post to talk about why ads are back. My goal with the SP-Studio is to provide a fun tool that’s free for everybody to use. There is no subscription model, micro payments or anything like this. But I need money to run this project. After the relaunch in 2020 the ad banner I used for many years was deactivated and I hoped voluntarily donations might rise. But they did not, and so I have to activate it again. The ad is not visible in mobile view and has the small shape you are used to from the past, because I don’t want to annoy you. Thanks to my loyal Patrons and PayPal donations I think I can avoid bigger ads. So thank you very much to everybody who supports the SP-Studio!

Please deactivate your ad blocker for SP-Studio.de to make this work.

Drag and drop is back

SP-Studio UpdateWhile I am preparing the Christmas Special Lars coded another useful addition for the item options: You can now move items with drag and drop!

In the old version of the SP-Studio it was easy for me to implement this, but it turned out to be way more challenging without Flash. Applause for Lars who made it work anyway! You now have the choice to use the arrow buttons, the arrow keys on your keyboard or your mouse cursor to move an item. On mobile devices it works with touch control.

This is the final update before the Christmas Special will start on December 1st. The Wish Voting Gallery has been updated, so make sure to like and comment on your favorite ideas! Of course you can still submit your own wish here. And check out the new blog sidebar. 🙂