Update: Hair extensions

SP-Studio UpdateToday I am proud to present you a particularly big update: 32 new hair extensions!

This took me a while to finish, but it will give you way more freedom with the hair styling of your characters. Visit the “Extra highlights” section of the hair category and create unique hairstyles by combining the new items with basic hair of your choice. I have drawn ponytails, pigtails, bangs / fringes, buns, braids and other hair pieces. Most of them come with the option to select two different colors and you can also switch between a flat view and shadings. As always you can flip, rotate and move them. And don’t forget to use the “lock” button to be able use more than one item from the same category.
I hope you enjoy this big update and creating your own crazy hairstyles!

New wish voting wishes & plans

Wish Voting GalleryThe WISH VOTING GALLERY was updated today with 60 new ideas by SP-Studio fans. Thank you for your patience! You can now comment on these ideas to show me which you want to see in future updates. The like button was removed from the gallery because it did not work well. New uploads always had less likes than the older ones and so it wasn’t a good way to measure your interest. The comments are a better way to discuss future updates.

After a busy summer I have finally more time for the SP-Studio and I am currently working on an update for the hair category. It seems like you liked the multicolor hairstyles a lot. You can expect more! 🙂 In the meantime the monthly picture contests continue. And I see many new faces there, which is great! JOIN the contest about the 19th century until August 20th.

Update: Gaming

SP-Studio UpdateNew items! In June I was very busy with work and feedback mails, but now I’m back on track and looking forward to spending more time with new content for the SP-Studio. I will also update the wish voting gallery soon. But now let’s see what this new update brings. I have drawn a modern gaming room for you as a new background! And of course there are the matching accessories. These items are included:

  • a gaming room with LED lights and a modern computer
  • a professional streaming / podcast microphone
  • cute cat ear headphones (as wished by many of you)
  • a retro gaming shirt with a Pacman inspired design

Update: Fashion accessories

SP-Studio UpdateDuring the last weeks I’ve been drawing many of your wishes, and I hope you like this update. 🙂
20 new items have been added to the SP-Studio!

  • 4 belts (studded, rhinestone, striped cotton, rainbow)
  • 3 hair clips (small, star, heart)
  • 3 necklaces (big jewels, small pearls, heart)
  • 4 earrings (heart, star)
  • 2 colorful bracelets
  • nose to ear chain & wallet chain
  • armwarmers & legwarmers

64 new wish voting wishes

SP-Studio contest64 new wishes have been added to the gallery! Comment on them in the WISH VOTING GALLERY to let me know which I should draw for the SP-Studio.

If you are new to this let me explain how it works. All ideas in the wish voting gallery were suggested by SP-Studio fans and you can filter them by category. If you want to request a new item just upload a reference picture. During the last month I received over 600 emails with wishes – which was a record. Many of them were spam (please don’t do this). Some were not very useful or not possible to include for technical reasons. But I looked through all of them to pick the best, and there were really great ideas. Those are now included and might appear in future updates. Show them some love by discussing your favourites in the gallery!

Creepy places

SP-Studio Update: Creepy placesDiscover two creepy indoor places inspired by modern horror phenomena!

Liminal spaces / the backrooms have become a huge topic among fans of internet horror and lead to a great series of short films by Kane Pixels. It’s an aesthetic which shows empty places which feel surreal and creepy because of the lack of life, their architecture and lighting. Because several SP-Studio fans have requested a background like this, I have now drawn one.

The second new indoor place is an office inspired by the popular Five Nights at Freddy’s video game franchise. But you can also use it as a detective’s office or for other purposes, because I didn’t want to limit it to just be useful for this one fandom. I hope you like the new places!

New picture contest: Disney

SP-Studio contestCongratulations to IRATEOTD for winning the March contest with a picture of Monika from Doki Doki Literature Club! You can find all winners in the Hall of Fame and it’s always worth a look.

Since we have many new visitors I want to introduce you to the monthly SP-Studio picture contests. They always have a special topic and for April it’s ANIMATED DISNEY CHARACTERS. Create a SP-Studio picture about a character from a Disney cartoon or animated movie. These contests are just for fun and meant to be a creative challenge about who uses the SP-Studio in the most skillful way. I changed to a new tool lately and it is very easy to use. You can submit pictures until April 20th and then a public vote starts. Give it a try! 🙂
Upload your picture here!

Update: Multicolor hair

SP-Studio Update: Multicolor hairThere are six new hairstyles that allow you to select a second color!

This has been requested many times and so I hope you like this new feature. The multicolor hairstyles are easily recognizable by their pink color. Of course, you can also use them with only a single color by selecting the same color twice.

For the first multicolor hairstyles I have drawn your requests from the Wish Voting Gallery and Patreon. But more will follow in future updates. Write in the comments for which existing hairstyles you would like to see colored highlights. You can see the name of a hairstyle when you click on it.

Huge rise in visitor numbers

SP-StudioWelcome, all you new kids from TikTok!

Recently I have been getting a surprising number of reports about loading issues. Then I realised that this is connected to a sudden increase in visitor numbers around mid-February. Seems like SP-Studio.de became a popular TikTok trend! As happy as I am about this it brings problems. My server could not handle so many visitors and boosting it is expensive. I created a help page asabout this. Update: I changed something on March 7th so the loading problems got better.

Want to help improving the SP-Studio / server situation?
You can make a small donation via PayPal or Patreon. ❤

Update: Famous superheroes

SP-Studio Update: Superman, Batman, Spider-ManWhile you could already dress up your characters as many different superheroes the most famous ones were missing… and I was asked for them a lot. I had their original logos in the old SP-Studio but wasn’t sure about the copyrights, and so I created unique logos now (they change all the time anway ;)). And you can select your own colors for alternative suits. These are the new costumes inspired by the most famous heroes:

  • Superman suit
  • Batsuit
  • Spider-Man suit
  • Batman’s gloves and the two capes as seperate items