Stupid eyes

ProblemsThis is a rather personal post, but I think I should write about it so you know what’s going on.

During the last couple of months I noticed problems with my eyes and unfortunately it is getting worse. The good news is I got special screen glasses now and my doctor could not find anything I need to worry about… but the bad news is nobody has an idea how to actually fix this or what exactly caused it. My eyes always were bad but it feels like they got a lot worse lately. In the past I reached 100% eyesight with glasses, now it’s 80% max. This does not sound like a big problem, but I work with tiny pixels…

Whenever I work on the computer and have to concentrate on small details (like Photoshop / webdesign for work or drawing for the SP-Studio) my view gets blurry after a while and my eyes begin to hurt because it is so exhausting to keep them focused. It does not happen when I play computer games, so I guess it’s not about the screen itself but about the stressful work on details. It’s like my eyes cannot handle it anymore without struggle. It’s not only a health issue but also gets to me on a psychological level because my eyesight is super important to me and suddenly I cannot rely on my eyes anymore like I used to. It’s scary.

Perhaps I sat in front of the computer too much since summer because for months I did my daily work and after it continued with the new SP-Studio. And often after this I met friends online as well because of the Corona restrictions. Since the doctors cannot help me I decided it’s best to give the eyes a rest more often. I still work on SP-Studio updates, but I will strictly limit the time I spend on them until my eyes hopefully get better. No need to risk anything. And I already worry about my job because of this.

This is not about a break. The next updates are in the making – they will just take longer.

I really hope I don’t sound whiny, but I decided to write honestly about my health because some SP-Studio visitors support me with their money and I want you to know why I slow down with the updates. The most important items in all categories of the new SP-Studio are back, so now I will relax my eyes more often. Spring is coming and I will spend more time outside with strange activities like gardening. I really hope my eyes will get better. But of course I will keep you updated as soon as the next update is finished.

UPDATE (April 5th 2021): Unfortunately I still experience the same problems with my eyes. Since the eye specialists could not find the reason for my problems I will have to go throught more testing during April and May. They will scan my brain, test my blood and so on. This takes time but I am glad it’s taken seriously. I really hope to be able to return to working on the SP-Studio soon. Right now it is very difficult. Thank you for your support!

21 thoughts on “Stupid eyes

  1. annanese

    I hope you get better Janina, I can relate to that, I once had to deal with out seeing for days. I got really frustrated, but it got better over time. Everthing will be okay, have a blessed day.

  2. klara

    and once again ; i really hope that you feel better soon ; and i am sure i can wait for the new items ; becaues i gonna be patient ; i know this is not a chat ; but i wish you to feel better soon ; you are nice ; knd ; and cute person that a teenger can even have ;so ; i have to say to you ; you feel like adult best friend to me

  3. Janina Post author

    It’s still the same. Unfortunately the tests take a lot of time, but I have appointments now to check my blood, brain and other things to make sure it’s “just the eyes” (since the eye specialists did not find any reason). It’s annoying that it takes so long, but I guess I cannot do anything alese right now than to stay patient and avoid too much stress for my eyes.

  4. Janina Post author

    Thank you, but I am optimistic 🙂 At least the eye specialists did not find anything like a deasease that’s causing blindness. It’s not getting worse right now. I am a bit worried because of the brain scan (since I never did something like this before)… but since my eye problems are the only symptom I have the doctors don’t suspect a severe brain illness. They just want to check the whole head and neck to make sure everything is in its place. Things like this can be caused by a crooked neck.

    I hope to finish the next SP-Studio update during April, even if it will be a smaller one.

  5. Janina Post author

    Thank you. Until now there are no changes, but I have to wait for results of my check ups. The first results will be there at the end of April so I don’t think I can post any news until then.

  6. TigerRocks503

    Hey Janina I wanted to ask how are you doing? Is your eyesight getting better? I know you have not been working on the project for a while ever since the announcement you made about your eye problem. Not to rush you, I just want to know if you are feeling better because if things are still not getting better, will you take another month off? Anyways stay healthy and safe! 🙂

  7. Janina Post author

    My eyes are not better but I am (slowly) working on a content update which will be released this Sunday. At least this is the plan right now because I really want to get some things done. 🙂 All the check ups need more time than I hoped for because the doctors are overloaded. Germany is in the middle of Corona wave 3 right now, so this makes it difficult to get appointments. I just hope I won’t have to go to hospital during a pandemic.

  8. JorgePR

    Janina, take care and don’t worry about posting updates until you feel good phisically, emotionally and mentally (not in the “insane” way of talking, but in the relaxed and focused one LOL). We can wait, your wellfare not 🙂

  9. Janina Post author

    I had to delete several off topic comments because of a troll / spam problem which was going on for a while now. This involves Klara’s comments any my replies.

    @annanese: Sorry for hiding one of your comments and my reply to you as well, but it would have been strange to keep it without context. In case you did not read it in time: I don’t get mad because of a single comment. Unfortunately there were problems with Klara since January and she never listened to me. Most of these comments were not public, so I was the only one reading them. You only saw her polite comments which I let through, not the other ones. On the internet some people just want to troll… even if they act innocent at first. And I want to protect my friends from this. This is why I reacted now and deleted Klara’s comments.

  10. Janina Post author

    Since my eye problems started they are difficult for me. But it changes from day to day. I have the feeling after working on the computer / reading it is more difficult to read closed captions on the TV. It seems my eyes have more problems adjusting (near – far).

    By the way: the check ups did not bring any results yet. I seem to be perfectly healthy – which is great I guess… but I still experience the eye problems. Nobody knows where they are coming from. In mid of May I finally have my brain scan which I am a bit nervous about, but it is good to check everything. And I might get new glasse, even if it is just a small improvement.

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