Update: toys are back

SP-Studio update: toys & sports56 items have been added to the “objects / toys & sports” category!

Most items from the old SP-Studio are back in improved form, inlcuding many sport items and videogame consoles. As a special bonus you get two completely new items: A pile of board games and a LEGO brick! These were wishes by my Patreon supporters.

With this update every category is filled with the most important items. I will stop doing the Sunday updates now and instead bring back the rest whenever I am finished. It’s been some busy weeks with a lot of pressure, but I am very happy with how the new SP-Studio turned out now that most items are back. 🙂 And of course I hope you enjoy it as well. See you soon!

11 thoughts on “Update: toys are back

  1. klara

    janina i know that this is not a chat but i have to ask you something ; when you are done with the old items ; how long will take for the new ones like neck brace to come ; because i am worried that it will take too long

  2. Janina Post author

    Of course you can ask questions about the SP-Studio. I am happy to reply to them. But repeating a question I have already answered you more then once is really strange. Please try reading my replies.

  3. TigerRocks503

    I noticed that some video game items like the Wii U have not returned.

    Is it not coming back or was that one of the less important items?

    If it’s not coming back along with some other things, is that due to copyright?

    Keep up the good work! 🙂

  4. Janina Post author

    They will return. 🙂 For now I decided to focus on the newest and oldest video game consoles, because I thought they might be the most popular ones. But everything in between will come back as well. About 90% of the objects are included now, and the missing 10% will follow as one update when everything is finished. I think there are no items in the objects category I deleted for copyright reasons.

  5. TigerRocks503

    I also have made some observations

    Most of the shirt motifs from the previous SP-Studio have returned……however, I did notice the South Park character and DC superhero logos did not come back. Seeing how there is no COMING SOON in that section, I hate to know if it’s true…but are those not coming back because they actually do violate copyright? I will be alright if that’s the case. It just kinda is unfortunate if someone is trying to make Batman but they don’t find his insignia to put on his chest.

    Next, will the shirt text box come back? Thats something I remember from the previous version and I’m kinda surprised that it is not in this version (as of now).

    Do you remember the feature that allowed whether or not the character’s hair could have texture/detail when you choose the color for it in the old version?

    Have you ever considered having a feature to affect a character’s body whether they can have multiple limbs (like four arms) or make their head and body chubby (if someone wanted to make Cartman)?
    Considering how you said that you will no longer update it weekly on Sunday, does that mean it will be updated sooner in the week? Multiple tiny updates in a few days? Or do we have to wait a bit longer depending on how busy you are.
    Are the items that I recommended: Kyles two new hairstyles and Heidi Turner’s hat on the wishlist yet for the future? I know I already asked but I was just curious as I don’t want you to risk copyright issues.

    Anyways, keep up the good work and don’t stress yourself out. Take the time and do when and what you feel is important or not. Look forward to seeing what’s next in store! 🙂

  6. Janina Post author

    The missing shirt motives were removed because of copyrights. It was a tough decision and I know they were popular… but logos are very risky. The South Park characters were removed because I felt bad for including whole characters. Single shirts or hairstyles are okay, but I did not want to risk too much.
    BUT it is really easy to add a Superhero logo to your picture yourself. I wrote a little turorial for the F.A.Q. section. It’s the last point there. You should give it a try. 🙂

    The text tool is on our list, but I have to admit it has not a high priority. The reason for this is that it involves a lot ot new coding Lars has to do without my help. Other features are less complicated to include. And like logos Text can easily be added with additional software. So… while the plan is to bring it back other features will come first. I am sorry for the bad news.

    The option to turn shadows / highlights on or off for the hair will come back soon. It’s actually the next feature on our list. So whenever Lars finds time to code it it will be back. And then it will work for many more items, not just the hair. So it will be useful for designing unique outfits or to use items in ways they were nor supposed to be used.

    Different body shapes are a red flag for me. 😀 Let me just copy the F.A.Q. section:

    It should be obvious, but let me explain: If there is a second body shape or pose you cannot combine the old items with it. First problem: From now on you cannot combine everything = less possibilities = less fun. Another big problem is the time. I would have to draw EVERY single item again for just one new shape. This is a very stupid and time consuming work for about 2000 items. Even if I would like to do this it would mean: no updates for at least a year.
    It makes more sense to use my time for interesting new items. There are character creators out there which offer different body shapes, but of course this means less items for each shape. Simple maths. 😉 This is not the way I want to go, because I prefer as many items as possible which you can be combined freely.

    The next update might come in 10 days… or 14 days… I am sorry I cannot tell you more right now. In the past I avoided promising dates because my job is so unpredictable. And I want to return to this because the Sunday updates were a lot of pressure. So from now on I will return to how I handled updates “in the old days”: It’s done when it’s done. 😉 But no need to worry. It won’t take too long. My goal is 2 updates per month when all the old items are back.

    The South Park items are still on the wish list. Single South Park related items are okay in terms of copyrights, but since the list is very long I am not sure when/if they will be added.

  7. TigerRocks503

    Thanks for the update! Sorry about asking about different body shapes…I should have read more of the FAQ section. But at least I am aware.

    I did not realize that the idea would end up being too much for you. I was just curious. Anyways thanks and I am excited to see what’s next and are new!

  8. TigerRocks503

    Also, I use Pixler as my photoshop and editing program so that will make things easy to add on! 😀

  9. Janina Post author

    No problem – it’s just funny that over the years the questions about body shape came up A LOT. But I understand that there are always new people who are not aware of this. I just hope I was able to explain my reasons. 🙂

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