SP-Studio picture contestIt is a tradition for many years now to share our unedited SP-Studio artworks. No registration is required. Just upload your picture about the topic of the month. Your Email address is not necessary, but if you don’t want to use the submission form on this website you can send your picture by Email to After the submission phase is over on the 20th of the month all pictures will be shown in a vote and you decide which are the best. The top 5 will join the HALL OF FAME.
Remember: Stay fair, this is just for fun. 🙂


Thank you for uploading so many cool pictures. You cannot submit more for this month – it’s time to vote! Select as many pictures as you like. But please stay fair. Only submit your vote once and do not vote for your own picture. Of course you are allowed to share the contest with others. But please don’t tell your friends to vote for you because you want to win. Tell them they should vote for all the picturess they like best. We want this to be fun, so cheaters will be disqualified.

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Which pictures about 2022 are the most

King Charles (by SP-Simon)

Stranger Things season 4 (by Kika)

The Batman (by Bruno Díaz)

barely breathing (by Izzy Macintyre)

Mona Lisa gets pied (by Jareen2)

Wednesday (by DinosaurManGaming)

Bojo (Partygate) (by retromusiclover)

Bene (by Anubis2705)

O Rei Pelé (by Agapito Pitusa de Pitostes)

Will Smith slaps Chris Rock 3 (by Estrafiwalde)

Will Smith slaps Chris Rock 2 (by Celine Cantu)

Will Smith slaps Chris Rock 1 (by Art Vandelay)

What I did In 2022 (by Unknown GamerYT)

Russia Invades (by Ben Neiberlein)

Me and my dog in 2022 (by Aaron Baird)

I caught covid (by blue warior)

Twitter Acquisition (by LunaRubyEclipse)

South Park: The 25th Anniversary Concert (by Petro)

Andrew Tate (by aiden)

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Congratulations to the recent winners!

Contest 11/2022: FAMILY

SP-Studio contest
1) Jareen2
Playtime at
The Addams Family
SP-Studio contest
2) Art Vandelay
SP-Studio contest
3) Ben Neiberlein
The Robinsons
SP-Studio contest
4) Meangree
The Membranes
(Invader Zim)
SP-Studio contest
4) Jane Doe
Kim k & Kanye :3


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