SP-Studio picture contestDo you want to see your picture next to the SP-Studio website logo?
The last contest was a special anniversary contest with special rules! Only pictures without a background counted. The goal was to create characters Janina can pick for the anniversary header image during October and November. There was no vote this time, but the rest of the characters will also be shown. You were allowed to upload as many pictures as you wanted! You were free to build whatever character you liked to build – a typical party guest, a famous movie character, yourself… And these are the winners:


Header image 1:
SpookyRookie, Kelly, Antonio Jones, SeventhEmberXander, TigerRocks503, Mariel Kay Bergman, penji, Stanley Russell, blue warrior, Paul/Tony Maroj

Header image 2:
Cyprián, Hedgehoe, Kaiden, SeventhEmberXander, blue warrior, Bastromite, Moxxie, Damian Schmidt, SpookyRookie, Julia Vu

Forum header image:
Celine Cantu, Paul/Tony Maroj, Eggyslav, Eggyslav, Jareen2, Erika

Congratulations to the recent winners!

Contest 08/2022: 80s TRENDS

SP-Studio contest
1) Meangreen
Roger Rabbit
SP-Studio contest
2) Paul/Tony Maroj
Madonna – Material Girl!
SP-Studio contest
3) Art Vandelay

SP-Studio contest
4) n0tsjayne
Sarah and Jareth at the
masquerade – Labyrinth
SP-Studio contest
5) Antonio Jones
Gremlin and mogwai
SP-Studio contest
5) Jareen2
DEVO – Whip It
SP-Studio contest
5) Hedgehoe
80’s Metalhead
(might be named Eddie)


All winners can be found in the