Update: Special shirts #2

SP-Studio update: special shirtsI can only work slowly because of my health problems, but finally a new content update is online! 25 items have been added to the “special shirts” category.

This updates brings back more historical outfits, futuristic armor and fashion inspired by different cultures. You can recolor all of these items and combine them with any other outfits.

Though I still have to take care of myself my plan is to release updates of this scale whenever I can handle it. Thank you for your patience and kind comments during the last couple of weeks!

10 thoughts on “Update: Special shirts #2

  1. TigerRocks503

    LIFE LESSON: Taking baby steps will soon get you back to walking.

    Take your time and I hope your health improves.👍

  2. Janina Post author

    The update is online. If you don’t see the shirts maybe you need to refresh the website in your rowser?

  3. Janina Post author

    Oh, this is what you mean. Yes… unfortunately bringing back all the items from the old SP-Studio takes longer than planned. But it’s not because I am lazy. I have health problems and am currently in treatment because of this. Until my eyes will be better I can only work very slowly on SP-Studio updates because I have problems seeing these small details. It is a depressing situation. So while I know it is annoying to wait I hope you understand my situation.

    The next update will come early next week and bring back all dresses.

  4. annanese

    Well I hope you get better Janina, and take your time with the updates, I understand what it is like to have severe eye problems. I have had eye problems myself

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