SP-Studio Christmas Special 2010

This year’s Christmas Special has started! Each day until Christmas I will draw one new SP-Studio item. They are based on your wishes so write your requests in the comments or use the Wish Voting area in the SP-Studio Community. But please rerember the few things I cannot include (read about them here). I hope you enjoy the surprises. Let’s have a look at the Advent Calendar which will be updatet every day. The first new item is already there: a nice hat for cold winter days.
Advent Calendar

4 thoughts on “SP-Studio Christmas Special 2010

  1. Janina Post author

    Oh, that was 13 years ago 🙂 To be honest I hold pretzels in any way when I eat them, so for me there is no upside down. For the preview picture I just rotated it to make room for the number.

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