SP-Studio Christmas Special 2014

The big SP-Studio Christmas Special has started! This means updates every day until Christmas, and like every SP-Studio update I give you all of this for free. Those new clothes, body parts, backgrounds and accessories will be based on the wishes of my visitors. Write your requests in the comments and maybe they will be included. The first new item is a baking sheet full of Christmas cookies. I will update this post with the Advent Calendar every day, so keep an eye on it. The old Christmas Specials can be found here: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013.
SP-Studio Advent Calendar

83 thoughts on “SP-Studio Christmas Special 2014

  1. Mateus

    In this christmas special, could you create at least one the following instruments:
    French horn
    Epiphone ES 335 dot
    Greetings from Brazil

  2. Kathy Czech

    tie dye t-shirt/hippy stuff please-and thank you so much for doing this-I love making SP mini-mes! πŸ™‚

  3. Hailee

    Can you add maybe some band t-shirts please? (: Like Black Veil Brides or Avenged Sevenfold or maybe some piercings please. ^-^

  4. Janina Post author

    I will make sure to include some of your wishes πŸ™‚
    @Hailee: I am very sorry, but band shirts are among the things I don’t draw anymore. The main reason are copyright problems, because band logos like other logos are protected. I don’t want to get sued by a big record label or the band itself. The second reason is that there are way too many bands out there to make every fan happy. I’d have to pick the most popular Musicians to make it fair… and then I might end up with Justin Bieber ;).

  5. Hailee

    Thats okay, I understand ^-^ But if some piercings like snakebites could be added that be just as cool. Thanks!

  6. Gemma Bowden

    The Advent Calendar is my favorite part of the SP-Studio. My following requests are:
    1. Sega Game Gear
    2. Sega Megadrive
    3. Cello
    4. Flute
    5. Upright Piano
    6. Grand Piano
    7. Trombone
    8. Tuba
    9. Cannonball

  7. Shanleyy

    um how about those colored custom eyes that have different positions like the normal eyes so we don’t have to edit the colored custom eyes to look left, right, up or down

  8. Janina Post author

    Those are some great ideas πŸ™‚
    @ella: A wedding dress is already in the category shirt > unique designs > dresses and a veil in hats.

  9. Janina Post author

    Do you mean just one color? The first background in the background category is just this :). When you click on it you can select a single color, which can be white or black as well.

  10. Voltar

    No, that’s not what I mean. A clear background means no color at all. Perhaps I should have used the word transparent instead. I don’t think JPG format supports this, but PNG or GIF format does. I’ve made many avatars from your wonderful site to make avatars which I use on forums. Having a clear background would make them stand out better, and larger in fact, because the avatar’s size gets shrunk down to whatever size the forums site allows. As a consequence when there is a background, the avatar becomes quite small.

  11. Janina Post author

    Aah… now I understand. I would love to include an option for transparent backgrounds, but the problem is that I have not coded the export function myself. I am not skilled enough in coding to change it to work with png files.

  12. donovan

    how about a modern looking pistol and maybe being able to put one of the same thing in each hand? like dual wielding?

  13. Mike

    1.Mario’s cap (recolorable)
    2.Mario’s overalls (recolorable)
    3.Mortal Kombat Klassic Ninja Outfit (recolorable)
    4.Mortal Kombat Klassic Cyborg mask & outfit (recolorable)

  14. Janina Post author

    From these comments included so far:
    – a clarinet for Mateus
    – tie dye t-shirts for Kathy Czech
    – knife and fork for Samael
    I hope you liked how they turned out πŸ™‚ More to come…

  15. Nicholas Springthorpe

    My Gift list is
    1. Night Vision Googles.
    2. Flippers.
    3. City Wok Background.
    4. Stick of Truth The actual stick not the game.
    5. Alien Ray Gun from the Stick of Truth.
    6.Fairy Princess Dress with gloves and tiara.
    7. Bazooka recommend the M72 LAW it’s easy to draw.
    8. Inside Mr Slave’s Ass Background.
    9. Alien Ship background.
    10. Clown shoes.
    11. Swat gear includes uniform helmet and gloves.
    12. Lute

  16. Erwin Imagin Fourze

    My wishlist:
    1. Rocket Shoes (Color Customizable)
    2. Hairstyles for Annie, Esther, Jenny (Alt Headband can also be recolored), Nichole, and Sally. (All Color Customizable)
    3. Hair and Shirt for Marjorine (Both outfits and hairstyles)
    4. Pets Eagle and Owl
    5. Bordered Plain Background
    6. Fire Extinguisher
    7. Signal Wand
    8. Fire Background and Foreground
    9. Rooftop Background
    10. Horseshoe Magnet

  17. Peter Benham

    How about: shorts/pants with higher waistband. (Miley Cyrus wears them, and at the rate she’s going they won’t work for her for too long πŸ˜‰
    half length T-shirts or tank tops.
    workout gear in general, including one piece tights and swimsuits
    Bowling ball
    Life Jacket, although I think one could be created using the bulletproof vest and other items.
    color choice for eye patch, alternate shapes for them.
    Jewish prayer shawl.
    half closed Cyclops eye
    Vertical striped shirts.
    Single open hand, so character can wave.
    These aren’t in any order, just as I thought of them, Enjoy the holidays PMB

  18. Rex

    My wishlist (with picture):
    The cap of the this background character called boy with blue cap (recolorable):
    The hair of the this background character called boy with red scarf:
    The hair of Emily from Back to Mouth:
    The hair of this background character (yes another background character):
    The jacket of Esther for the layout 2 (recolorable of course):
    That all for now.

  19. Janina Post author

    Thanks for the great feedback!

    @Rex: I won’t include South Park items now, but plan to do an extra “South Park update” in January. So your list is very useful for this.

    @Hailee: Unfortunately hair with 2 different colors is not possible due to technical problems. When I coded the SP-Studio I did not think of it :(. But I will remember to add more colorful “highlights” in future updates.

    @Peter: one piece tights and swimsuits can already be created by combining a top (freestyle collection) with short pants in the same color.

  20. Janina Post author

    @scoobydoo: The arms and legs are not moveable. This is not possible for technical reasons, because how should the clothes know how to move? πŸ˜‰ They are just drawings and no 3d models, so unfortunately things like this don’t work.

  21. Janina Post author

    Day 15 was about the new breasts and belly, which can be found in “stuff > make-up & extra body parts”.
    The dress was already there and can be found in the category “shirt > freestyle collection” (bottom on the left).

  22. Samael

    Thank you very much for the knife and fork. I appreciate whatever you have created. Could I get a billy club that Eric Cartman uses in “Chicken Lover”, please? Click here for the reference picture.

  23. Isaac

    I big issue I’ve been having is that the necktie overlaps the vests and suit jackets.. this is a big request, but maybe a way to layer items? It would require some coding.. If not, maybe just a vest and suit under shirts? Thanks.

  24. Janina Post author

    @oliver: It is an armband blind people wear in public, so car drivers and other people know they cannot see them. This symbol might be different in other countries, but that’s how I know it :).
    @isaac: That’s something I was thinking about… I am not sure if I can do it now, but I guess I should fix this problem in the near future.

  25. Kristina Brandorff

    Hey, do you know the famous wrestler John Morrison? It would be cool if you add clothes and accessory stuff of him, such as: black sunglasses with crosses on, his mega cool fance jackets, and jeans πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  26. Sarah

    -A piano (either as an item or in a background like on a stage or lounge or something)
    -Musicman Stingray bass (example: http://www.dv247.com/assets/products/72530_l.jpg)
    -Music stand with sheet music on it
    -Scotch on the rocks (http://cdn2-b.examiner.com/sites/default/files/styles/image_content_width/hash/14/31/14316422e06cc8ffe2449ac43f3d78d4.jpg?itok=PJziAUC_)
    -Glass of wine
    -Customizable headband (like what Hayley Smith wears on American Dad)

  27. Janina Post author

    @scoobydoo: Unfortunately not. And even if I knew how to do it, it would be way too much work. I’d have to draw all the clothes clothes again with arms and legs in different position… not possible for one human being with a daily job ;). I’d need to hire people for this and this would cost a lot of money. If I’d charge you for using the SP-Studio this would be an option, but I want to keep this website free to use. So the things I can do are limited because of my limited time and money. But I like the idea, it’s just not possible.

  28. Janina Post author

    @scoobydoo: Ehm… I just explained why this is impossible. Please do not ask for anything if you are not willing to read my replies ;).

  29. Samael

    Just a suggestion and you don’t need to do it shortly, but you can put the half glove which is now under the hands category to the fashion accessories and make it recolorable, and then by using the combination with the full-hand element, hands of different skin tones wearing half gloves of different colors can be created. Besides, several masks under hat category, like the ninja mask, can be recolorable as well.

  30. Janina Post author

    @Samael: Good idea, I will keep this in mind.
    @LukaMegurine: I am planning to do a South Park themed update in January, and some Stick of Truth outfits will be included then as well.
    @Squishy: Sorry, I have already chosen the last two updates. But your requests are not forgotten and might appear in future updates :).

  31. Samael

    Sure. And please don’t worry about the billy club that I mentioned. All I needed was a weapon for the Daredevil character that I was working on, and I managed to remove the chain and ball from the meteor hammer from the 9th and made it the “billy club” weapon. Thank you for everything you have provided!

  32. Janina Post author

    The final update is online now. I hope you enjoyed the Christmas special with the many new updates! It was great to read your wishes and there were several fun ideas to draw. Please don’t bes sad if your wish did not make it – there’s always another chance :). And I have already planned some interesting things for 2015.

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

  33. Diana Davis

    OK, see, we need a sailor cap, a parrot, a few grenades, a bomber jacket, a furry snow hood and more. And a tank.

  34. Samael

    I think I may have an idea about Eric Cartman’s body shape, not sure if this function can be incorporated. Basically, just like the others, Cartman has body parts of permanent sizes and shapes, only larger than those of the others by a certain percentage, so the items under each category can go through a particular process of calculation to expand to match his size. Some of the items may still remain the original sizes though. You can put a button for this function. For example, when you are done creating a certain character which you want to “Cartmanize”, just press this button and a box pops out to save the image as *.png or *.bmp in a “Cartmanized” version, so that what has been created on the screen will not be ruined. Not sure if this is gonna work out. Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  35. Janina Post author

    In theory this is possible, though it would be a lot of work, because every item must be treated differently (as you already wrote: some must look wider, others must stay the same). I guess an informatics person should be able to get this working somehow… but this is way too complicated for me, because I am no coder ;). I studied design and Flash is just a hobby for me, so unfortunately my Action Script skills will never be good enough for this.
    And there is another problem: You could generate some parts for a “Cartman shape” with this method, but it would not work for all. The shirts, masks and many items in the stuff category would look wrong when stretched (for example the buttons or patterns of clothes, every circle, the strings of a guitar, objects with a recognizsable shape in general,…). So even if I could find somebody to implement this method for me most likely the results would not be worth it.

  36. CF_Mitch

    Hey Janina,
    I wanted to thank you for adding another amazing set of SP-Studio items, this Advent-period!
    My favorites are number 14 and 19 ^^
    Keep up the great work and I wish you a happy new year!

  37. TFFF85

    I really like the new stuff added, but does anyone know what that armband from day 11 is? I hope i am not an idiot for not knowing πŸ˜›

  38. Janina Post author

    It is an armband blind people wear in public, so car drivers and other people know they cannot see them. This symbol might be different in other countries, but that’s how I know it :).
    When I included it I thought it was an international symbol, but I guess this is not the case.

  39. chriscoull

    there should be hunger games weapons and a backround with a cornocopia in it. also put some hair styles and clothing for the catching fire. and put clothing hair and backrounds and items for attack on titan.

  40. Reika Kagene

    Pongan disfrazes de animes famosos o si no ropa de vocaloids (no los tΓ­picos como: Miku Hatsune) Gracias.

  41. Micky

    Late suggestions. >->
    Meh, they’re either accepted or they’re not.
    Maybe freckles? It could go into Skin. I really wanted to put freckles on my character but I couldn’t find any. If there are freckles already then Oops.
    Plastic Vampire fangs. These could go into the mouth section. This is another thing I wanted to use but couldn’t find.
    Pick your color Headphones, rather than the normal tan/brown ones.
    Different poses for certain animals.
    That’s all I can really think of right now. I hope these suggestions have a chance at appearing in future updates.

  42. Janina Post author

    Sorry, Christmas is over… but every comment stays on my list for possible future updates :).
    There are extra vampire teeth in stuff > make-up & extra body parts. Scroll to the end and you will find them. And freckles are in the same category.

  43. Janina Post author

    Oh, this isn’t actually a bug, because I like to wear t-shirts on top of longsleeves ;). It would be best to have selectable layers for the shirt motifs, but this is a little bit complicated right now.

  44. Charlotte

    One suggestion I could put on here would be, could you add a small dog, such as a Bichon frise in the animal section?

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