Contest topic suggestions?

Can you help me to come up with new contest topics? As you know I run monthly contests for SP-Studio artists on this website, and we have been doing these since October 2010. That’s A LOT of creativity and I hope you have as much fun creating those pictures as I have looking through them. And you know what? The next contest will be the 100th! But I run out of ideas for new topics. So I ask you to help me by suggesting some contest topics. Don’t be afraid, write down whatever comes to your mind!

A good topic is inspiring enough to use the SP-Studio in interesting ways, but it’s also nice to have topics with specific themes (like “Disney characters” or “Professional Wrestlers”). The only restriction is it should be something many people can relate to. What topics would you like to see in the future? Or should I start repeating old topics? Write your ideas in the blog comments, forum, on Twitter or Facebook!

20 thoughts on “Contest topic suggestions?

  1. Tanon Holcomb

    The MCU, since Endgame is a big hit, and Spider-Man: Far from Home is approaching

  2. Xalguz96

    Fantasy characters, maybe a warrior, paladin, wizard or a dragon , from any media(tv, movies, books, videogames)

  3. jacob korol

    i suggest, my hero academia?
    Maybe making different height options,e.g fat[cartman weight], adult,baby, elderly ext…

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