South Park character update: hairstyles

South Park update: hair

South Park character update: hairstylesBack to the roots. As you might have guessed already I use the name “SP-Studio” because I draw in the art style of the tv show South Park. In the beginning I copied original clothes and hairstyles from South Park, but I soon prefered more original content. It is kind of boring to just copy something and it feels better to be creative. That is why I did not draw South Park related updates in quite some time. Until now…
Because many fans requested South Park related items I decided to do two big updates to celebrate the show. This is the first one with 16 new hairstyles. That’s a lot of hair! They are based on South Park characters like Craig, Kevin, Nichole, Mr. Mackey, Terrance, Kip Drordy and Scott Malkinson. I chose hairstyles which look useful and are not too similar to existing ones, so I hope you like this collection. The second South Park update will be about costumes and you can make suggestions in the comments. Stick of Truth will be part of this for sure.

30 thoughts on “South Park update: hair

  1. Stasya

    I have some requests! Can you make hair like Estella’s hair in the “Pip” episode? Remember that one that was based on “Great Expectations” and had that British boy Pip in it? It’s a very unpopular episode, but I want you to make hair based on Estella’s hair in that episode, and I want you to make a white dress based on that dress she wears when she’s dancing with Pip at that ball. I also want you to make big, teased, poofy 80’s hair. That would be AWESOME! Thanks!

  2. Erwin Imagin Fourze

    Next Update’s Request:
    Foreground – Table: Color customizable
    Stuff – Metal Bucket
    Hat – Kenny head with black eye bruise: Mirror able

  3. Janina Post author

    All of the characters? This would be impossible… obviously. There are 1000s ;). And most of them look similar, so this would be very boring.
    What is the blue banket (or blanket)?

  4. Janina Post author

    I am sorry, but I don’t think I will add any more hairytsles which are just copied from South Park. The South Park hairstyle in the most recent update was a wish by a contest winner, but usually I avoid it today. The reason is that I want to draw more unique things. Since the last seasons I am not a big South Park fan anymore and it is easier to deal with unique drawings regarding copyrights. For example if I want to publish a mobile app in the future I’d have to delete the whole South Park stufff.

  5. Janina Post author

    There are fake rabbit ears in the “hat” category, but real ones are on my list for future updates.
    The next update will be something different though. It’s still a surprise. 🙂

  6. Janina Post author

    I try to be friendly, even if it looks like somebody might be trolling. But I am not your kindergarten teacher. None of your troll comments will show up here in the future. Good bye.

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