SP-Studio.de Christmas Special

SP-Studio Christmas Special 2013

It has started: Let’s celebrate the sixth annual SP-Studio.de Christmas Special! 24 days with 24 updates are waiting for you and I hope you like them. Write me about what you want to see and maybe your wish will come true. I will update this post with the Advent Calendar every day, so keep an eye on it. The old Christmas Specials can be found here: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012.
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55 thoughts on “SP-Studio Christmas Special 2013

  1. Brisi

    Is there any way you can make a tie that can go behind certain suits? Or maybe a shirt with a tie already on it so we could add new layers above it.

  2. Janina Post author

    The single parts for Batman should be there already: a cape, the Batman symbol (in stuff > shirt motivs) and you can create the rest of his outfit with the freestyle collection shirts. The fashion accessories might be helpful as well if you want to add more details.

  3. CF Mitch

    Whoah, you’re thinking about making Avengers-related items? Cool Ö
    My favorite is Iron Man, just so you know ^^
    I guess my own request would be more X-Men related, then.
    My current top 5 most wanted (in no specific following order):
    Cyclops’ visor
    Wolverine’s claws
    Wolverne’s mutton chops (I posted a request for this in the gallery once…)
    Wolverine’s hairstyle
    A kind of skin-layer with wounds (cuts, burns, maybe some actual bone) as Wolverine’s healing ability
    Good luck with everything else and I can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with for the coming days!
    Love the watermelon 😛

  4. Qua

    I would think it would be cool to have an elf costume for Christmas, also for the Christmas spirit, it would be cool and nice for the characters to be able to hold candy canes and maybe even change their colors.

  5. Janina Post author

    I’m in Germany, so I have still 9 hours left ;). But I will try to include the next item during the next 3 hours.
    Thanks for all your suggestions so far!

  6. Janina Post author

    Sorry, but this might be a little bit soo special for most visitors ;). I do not even know this hat. And I prefer to inlcude things that can be used in many ways. The chances are higher if you suggest things like the spacesuit or a hat that’s worn by many people.

  7. Rueben

    makes some more weapons,more outfits,more pants,more hands,more hats,hair (both),animals,more shirts,more noses,more ears,more jewelry,more mouths,more shoes,more accessories,more backgrounds,more tattoos,more logos,more belts,more ammo,more beards,more knives,more swords,more guns,more skins,more eyes,more technology, more historic outfits,more food,more flags,Semi-automatic rifles,automatic rifles,semi-automatic pistols,shotguns,missles, rockets,rocket launchers,hip hop costumes ,rockers costumes, bikers costume, colonial costumes ,barbarian costumes, celtic costumes , muslim costumes, cultural weapons, sticks, instruments ,animals, birds,royal outfits (both) ,cultural flags, more pirate costumes, military outfits, african costumes (Both), american costumes(both),sports outfits (both),robber costumes ,animal costumes , vests,watches, more color selecting outfits,facial marks,facial makeup,tribal weapons, tribal costumes,tribal face paint,tribal tattoos,star wars costumes, star war weapons,Avatar weapons, avatar costumes,300 costumes, 300 weapons,arabian costumes (both),assassins creed costume, assassins creed weapons,Hardware tools,biblical costumes (both) and merry christmas

  8. Gavin

    make more belts,skins,weapons,capes,rhobes,more beards,more swords,more guns,more jewelry,more knives,phones,daggers,helmets,more hats, and color selecting shirts and pants

  9. Janina Post author

    Thanks, I’m glad you like them :).
    And to everybody else: Cool iedas! I read every suggestion and if they will not make it into the Christmas Special they might appear in later updates.
    But you don’t need to write with different names because you think this will improve your chances… this is not the case. 😉

  10. Billy

    I’ve been using your site for a long time now, I’m still using it and I’ll keep on using! It’s really satisfying that you’ve kept the December Calendar thing alive, I loved it last year and I love it this year! Keep on puttin’ afford because it turns into gold everytime!

  11. Ella

    can you please do moving body parts? that would be sooooo awesome!!! like, eyes that blink, or hands that move if they’re holding a musical instrument, or a mouth that opens and closes like the character is speaking 🙂

  12. Janina Post author

    @Billy: Thanks for your nice comment :). I am glad about everybody who likes the Christmas Special.
    @Ella: Sorry, but there will be no moving body parts. The SP-Studio is a picture maker, and I want to keep it this way. There would be no way for me to save those animations, so unfortunately they would be useless.

  13. michael

    could you PLEASE do the underwear over pants thing thats super heroes have, like allow us to put underwear over the pants?

  14. Phoenix

    Can you update the hands a bit? Maybe add in 2 flip off fingers instead of one? Or even hands covering the private areas of the body, for some hilarious pics. Oh, and maybe some Ski gloves? 😀

  15. Janina Post author

    No Football shirts, sorry. They are too special and rarely used. It’s better to use my time for items many people can relate to than just the fans of one team of one sport :).
    But the others ideas are fine.

  16. Martin

    hey Janina, i’ve been using SP Studio for a pretty good while now, both me and my brother love your site and we have plenty of fun using it, so congrats, you made a great job creating it :D. i have some suggestions for this year’s Christmas Special if you don’t mind. i’m a big Assassin’s Creed fan and a lip scar, hidden blade (even two if you want) and a Assassin style hood would be cool in my opinion. of course, it’s not a problem if you do only one, or none at all, but it would be great. thanks in advance. anyway, thanks one more time for creating this site, it’s as awesome as your drawing skills, i’m glad i’ve found it a while ago and Happy Holidays 😀

  17. Janina Post author

    @Martin: Thanks a lot :). An Assassin’s Creed costume is already there, here you can see what it looks like:
    I have to admit the hood looks a bit different, but the problem was that the Sp-Studio characters have a very huge head. A hood always looks strange on them because there are no shoulders it can fall onto.
    @Presh: Sorry, I cannot say for sure who was it. I got about 30 e-mails with this wish during the last 10 years and some news comments as well.

  18. JohnnyTurner1978

    I was wondering if you could add the bare feet with toes visible. Like in a couple recent episodes where the boys have no shoes, we see real looking feet, instead of just the circles. That would be cool. 🙂

  19. Ella

    Hi, could you have different babies? As in, I know there’s an option for babies in the “Stuff” category, but it’d be cool if we could maybe have babies sitting up/crying/looking surprised/toddling

  20. Janina Post author

    This is an old post from Christmas 2013. I have stopoped drawing South Park items now and focus on more unique items. With a Mysterion costume you can only build Mysterion, so it is a bit boring. It’s the same as searching for a picture of him at Google ;). So… sorry, no Mysterion.

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