News about the new SP-Studio!

It has been a while since my last detailed update about the SP-Studio remake development. The reason for this was that the situation became rough during the last couple of months and I wanted to wait until I knew for sure how the future looks like. Now I finally feel optimistic enough to tell you about the current situation and plans for the upcoming months:

What happened?

As you might remember back in 2018 I announced my plan to create a “non Flash remake” of the SP-Studio because Flash support will end on Deceber 31st 2020. Since I am no programmer I was lucky to get in contact with a professional Angular developer. A beta version was ready by the end of 2018. 2019 was not a very productive year regarding the development – for personal reasons like me moving houses. But there still was enough time left. Unfortunately since some months ago I have problems contacting him. If you are reading this: I hope everything is okay.

Since December was coming closer I decided to look for a second software developer to help with the coding, so I would be able to launch in time. But this turned out to be difficult. I also struggled with selecting the most fitting engine or framework, because there were some unsolved problems with the current approach and so many alternatives. On top of it I felt horribly because I was afraid to not be able to get this project finished. You donated money for it and I don’t want to let you down. And it would break my heart to loose the SP-Studio. So I continued my search and became really nervous… But last week I was contacted by a very talented and motivated software developer who offered me help. He was able to solve every problem super quickly and I feel reliefed now because of these steps forward. React is used now instead of Angular, but both are JavaScript web frameworks which support svg files. So the months I put into preparing the image files were not lost.

Thank you very much for your help, Lars!
You can visit his website here:

What will happen next?

The goal still is to have the new SP-Studio launched around the end of this year, so the old Flash version can be replaced without long downtime. The Flash version will not be deleted though, so if you want to revisit it (and make Flash run on your computer) this will be possible. But let’s be realistic… Lars had to start from scratch and we only have three months left. The new SP-Studio most likely will lack some of the planned features when it launches. So perhaps the text tool or the option to rotate items won’t be working on launch day. But you will get the best version possible! And missing functions will be added later, so I hope you will be happy for what will be there instead of complaining what might be missing. ;) I promise we put a lot of work into this to make it happen, but both of us still have our main jobs to take care of.

The new SP-Studio is most important right now whenever I find time for it. So I will delay drawing new items for a while. Steampunk and work / business clothes will be the next updates, but I won’t promise a date for them yet. There is no picture contest this month. and I am not sure about the annual Christmas special. It is a beloved tradition but it is a lot of extra work for me during all of December. This year the new SP-Studio should be my main focus. But there is no need to be sad for the lack of updates during the next months, because there will be new items in the new SP-Studio! So you can look forward to this. In addition there will be exciting new features which I will not reveal yet – but soon… And of course you will find all old items in it as well.

Thank you very much for you patience and support!

I want you to know that none of it was in vain. Your donations help me to keep going and putting more time into this project – and your patience and kind words motivate me to not give up when there are problems. Let’s look forward to the new SP-Studio, because as far as I can tell it will be better than the old version! There will be more updates about the progress during the next couple of weeks and I will continue my livestreams as soon as I can show something. As always you can ask any questions in the comments or forum.

Update: Medusa hair

Medusa snake hairToday I included a special update for a special 6 year old SP-Studo fan who asked for Medusa’s snake hair. I hope she likes it. :)

Meanwhile I started working on the next bigger update with multiple items. Those who watch my Twich livestreams already know about it: It will be about steampunk! If you have special wishes for this feel free to write them in the comments. I will also start a new vote for my 5$ patrons soon where they can pick another topic for an update. Thank you very much for your ongoing support!

Update: Science Fiction

SP-Studio hair updateThe Science Fiction update is online! It comes with these new items:

  • backgrounds: cyberpunk city, spaceship bridge, crop circles, wormhole
  • a uniform inspired by Star Trek and a made up Sci-Fi uniform
  • U.F.O., laser blaster and force field
  • cyborg lines for the skin

Apart from the Star Trek uniform I wanted to keep the objects not too specific for fans of certain franchises, so none of them are copied from movies or videogames. This was kinda difficult for me, because I am not good at inventing weapons. ;) But now I am satisfied with the results and I hope you like them as well.

Thank you for you patience regarding this update. I needed a break after my grandpa passed away last month, but I feel better now. And I started streaming again! The next Twitch livestream is scheduled for next Monday at 16:00 UTC (18:00 CET).

Update: COVID-19

SP-Studio hair updateThis is a special update inspired by current events. While I cannot do much expcept for staying at home I want to show my appreciation for all the health care workers, shop clerks, deliverymen and -women who do not have this option. THANK YOU for your hard work! In addition I want to encourage everybody who is not used to it to not feel ashamed for wearing masks in public. Protecting others is the most important thing right now if we want to avoid overloaded hospitals.

So with the help of the Twitch chat I designed ten different masks to wear for your SP-Studio characters in the times of COVID-19. From medical face masks over colorful vogmasks to historcial plaque doctor masks. The simple ninja style mask has custom colors.

I hope this update brings a little bit of joy to you. Stay safe and healthy!

Update: History

SP-Studio hair updateThe SP-Studio got some new historical items! All of these originated in the Twitch livestreams I did during the last two weeks. Thanks to the chat for the feedback and ideas! The update comes with eight items:

  • a background with greek columns
  • musketeer costume (a fitting red hat was already there)
  • wig in Marie Antoinette style
  • Thracian gladiator helmet
  • single pencil mustache
  • crakows as new shoes
  • Two pharao insignia

More Twitch livestreams

SP-Studio Twitch live streamA big thank you to everbody who joined me for the test last Friday! The next one:
March 22nd at 18:00 UTC
The livestream will last for 2-3 hours. This is my Twitch channel. We will chat and work on ideas for the upcoming SP-Studio update about historical fashion. Of course you can join later and don’t have to be there from the start. But I recommend to join the chat.

I realized I am really bad at drawing when I have to talk at the same time. So please don’t expect an amazing art stream! ;) I focus on rough sketches and clean up the details later. But your feedback is important! And I just want to chat because right now many people might need a place to connect with others if they cannot leave the house.

Please follow me on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or check the forum if you want to join the livestreams in the future. I won’t write an extra blog post every time, so this way you won’t miss an announcement.

My first live stream

SP-Studio Twitch live streamSurprise!
Currently many people are sitting at home and might be a little bit bored. So I want to try something new. I will stream while I am drawing stuff for the SP-Studio. So if you want to join me, follow this Twitch link:

First stream: Friday, 20.3.2020 at 18:00 UTC (check your local time here)

I will try my best to talk in English, which might be really funny for you because I never get a chance to practice. :) Of course you can ask questions or make suggestions about what I should draw. Please don’t expect any professionalism, because I never streamed before. This is a first test. If it works and anybody shows up at all I might do it again with a different time.
Correction: I mixed up CET and UTC at first. This is now fixed.

Update: Even more hair!

SP-Studio hair updateAfter I sorted the new items from the Christmas Special I started the new year with a classic topic that never gets old: New hairstyles!

Eight of these were added to the SP-Studio today, reaching from odango buns (ispired by Sailor Moon) to a traditional court wig. Some of these hairstyles were wishes from the SP-Studio community. Of course you can change the color of every one of them and you can decide if you want to use them with shadows and highlights or in the “flat” style.

Christmas Special 2019

The 12th annual SP-Studio Christmas Special has started! I prepare 24 daily updates to surprise you with new clothes, body parts, background images or accessories. The advent calendar at the bottom of this blog post will be updated every day until Christmas, so make sure to keep an eye on it. Or you can follow the SP-Studio on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to be informed when a new item is live.

The first update brings Crime Scene Tape as a new foreground effect!

I’m happy about your feedback, so feel free to comment or write an e-mail. You can also make wishes what you want to see in this year’s Christmas Special. Did you know for the first Christmas Special back in 2008 over 2.000 E-Mails with wishes were sent to me? And if you really like it you can help me a lot by supporting this project with a small donation. I hope you enjoy the surprises I prepared for you this time!

The old Christmas Specials can be found here: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018.

SP-Studio Advent Calendar

Update: Movie fashion 2

SP-Studio emoji update

The second movie related update is online!

This one was initially planned for the week before Halloween, but as I mentioned in my last blog post things in my private life went a little different than expected. When I made the plans for more movie fashion updates I did not know yet we’d have the chance to move houses earlier. In addition my new office was the last room to be ready. But now I am back and I want to give you at least a small update as promised. The Christmas Special starts tomorrow, so I am glad I still made it before December. ;)

These new clothes are inspired by two horror icons of the 80s: Chucky the killer doll (Child’s Play) and Pamela Vorhees (Friday the 13th). You can find them in the “shirts” category.


moving housesYou might be waiting for the rest of the movie outfits… Unfortunately I had no working office during the past weeks, because I was moving houses – and it took longer than expected. :(

But now I’m back! My walls are painted, the desk is in its place and the computer running. Even internet is working. So today I was able to finally launch the voting for the current picture contest and the next content update will follow just in time before the big Christmas Special will start on December 1st.

Update: Movie fashion 1

SP-Studio emoji updateWe are moving houses, so I decided to continue with a couple of small updates during October and November. You won’t have to wait so long for the next one, that’s a promise. :) And you can make suggestions in the comments.

My Patreon supporters chose the topic: Fashion inspired by Hollywood! But this time I don’t want to focus on superhero costumes or other very unique stuff. I will draw more casual outfits which can be worn by everybody so they are useful for all types of characters. And I might change some details to make them fit better with the SP-Studio. These are the first three of them:

  • A striped suit with fitting pants inspired by Michael Keaton’s outfit in “Beetlejuice”.
  • A 60s leather jacket / turtleneck combo inspired by Leonardo DiCaprio’s outfit in “Once upon a time in Hollywood”.
  • A yellow dress inspired by Emma Stone’s outft in “La La Land.”

Update: Summer fashion 2

SP-Studio emoji updateAnd again it’s summer time! After I provided some swimwear last week I wanted to focus on t-shirts this time. So nine new shirts for different tastes were added today!

My goal was to give anime or metal fans some neutral shirts which are not based on one specific brand. There are also two cute shirts for pet owners with a puppy and a kitten on it. For those of you who like to travel there’s a boat and a car. Programmers will find something for them as well. And in case you don’t like t-shirts with motifs at all there are two classic models without them. Some of these shirts will have custom colors in the new SP-Studio, but it will depend on where it makes sense.

And a quick note in case you are waiting for it: I am away for the weekend, so the next picture contest will start on Monday.

Update: Summer fashion 1

SP-Studio emoji updateIt’s summer time! Well, at least where I live. And this inspired me to draw some new clothes for your sweating SP-Studio characters. In this first update I focused on swimwear: Nine swim trunks and six bikini tops were included.

Remember you will be able to customize all their colors in the new SP-Studio. So that’s something to look forward to. :)

The second summer fashion update will bring new t-shirt designs and will be online next Friday.

Contest topic suggestions?

Can you help me to come up with new contest topics? As you know I run monthly contests for SP-Studio art on this website, and we have been doing these since October 2010. That’s A LOT of creativity and I hope you have as much fun creating those pictures as I have looking through them. And you know what? The next contest will be the 100th!

But I run out of ideas for new contest topics. So I ask you to help me by suggesting some. Don’t be afraid, write down whatever comes to your mind!

A good topic is inspiring enogh to use the SP-Studio in interesting ways, but it’s also nice to have topics with specific themes (like “Disney characters” or “Professional Wrestlers”). The only restriction is it should be something many people can relate to. What topics would you like to see in the future? Or should I start repeating old topics?

Write your ideas in the blog comments, forum, on Twitter or Facebook!

Update: More beards

SP-Studio emoji updateOn my quest to help you build the beard of your dreams I added 10 new items to the “stuff / beards” category. In the SP-Studio you can not just pick one beard, you can combine different parts to make it fit your unique style. The new items inlude mutton chops, chin beards and mustaches.

The topic of this update was chosen by the 5$+ Patreon Supporters in a vote. I hope you like the new hairy parts. :)

DeviantArt: sp-studio-art

SP-Studio artIf you are interested in some of my artworks related to SP-Studio updates you might want to follow the DeviantArt account sp-studio-art. It is an old account I initially used to collect my custom drawings of South Park characters in a gallery, but it was inactive for several years. I revived it now to have a place for my SP-Studio related drawings.

Usually when I work on a new costume based on a famous movie, tv show or video game I draw the whole character. Then I split it into different parts for the SP-Studio categories. But sometimes my drawings are more detailed than what would fit the SP-Studio. Or I return to a drawing later and improve it just for fun. My DeviantArt account shows these “improved artworks”. Some of them are similar to what you can build with the SP-Studio, but many parts will look better (like Rocket Racoon’s fur) and there are even characters I never used for SP-Studio updates (like Bowser). So I feel like it might be worth collecting them. And since I do not delete old pictures you can also see my very first drawings when you scroll down, which might be funny to look at. ;)

Your emoji update requests!

For the next SP-Studio update I came up with a strange idea… but I think it will be an interesting experiment.

Post emojis of the things you want to see in the next update!

I will pick some of your requests and draw them. There might be room for interpretation, but that’s the fun about it. Of course I will draw them in my own style, so there won’t be yellow faces. ;)

You can request as many emojis as you want by replying here, on Patreon, Twitter, Facebook or in the forum. If you use a mobile device it should be easy to add an emoji. If you are on a desktop computer and don’t know how to access them you can use this website and copy them: The update should be online around the end of this month.

New forum!

Visit the shiny new SP-Studio forum!

It took some time, but after the crash of the old forum I wanted to make sure the new forum software runs smoothly. I was able to save all the user accounts, posts, private messages and most settings. So I hope you will feel at home in the new forum. :) It has some nice new features, a modern text editor, better spam protection, SSL, supports mobile devices and you can now attatch image files directly to your post.

You can read more about what’s new in this thread.

The forum is the best place to ask for help when you run into problems while using the SP-Studio. There is an extra subforum for support. You can also suggest new items and discuss updates or the development of the new SP-Studio. So it’s worth to register. Of course the registration is free. See you there!

A look back – and next steps

Happy new year! I hope 2019 started great for you and will bring you a lot of joy.

In this blog post I want to tell you about my plans for this year and look back on the last one. 2018 has been very exciting! Back in January I announced my plans to replace the old SP-Studio with a “remake” that won’t rely on the dying Adobe Flash plugin anymore. To make this possible I had to ask for financial support. This step was neccessary to safe the future of this website and I am incredibly thankful for everybody who decided to donate. My minimum goal was reached and I even found help with the coding. During the following months Kai Wegner helped me to build the base of the new SP-Studio and I worked on the design, learned how to deal with the new coding and started to convert and improve the old items.

Continue reading

Christmas Special 2018

To celebrate the end of an eventful year let’s have 24 days of SP-Studio updates in a row! The 11th annual Christmas Special has started with new clothes, body parts, background and other items. You don’t want to miss anything? I will write about it on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and update this blog post daily. The first update is a big one: Six new mouths for the face expressions of your characters!

As always I am happy about feedback. It’s your comments that mean a lot to me and this time of the year everybody can wish for an update. So don’t be shy – write about which recent updates you like and what you’d like to see in the future! You can make concrete wishes or just suggest which category I should visit again.

The old Christmas Specials can be found here: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017.

SP-Studio Advent Calendar

SP-Studio Remake: Preparations

The SP-Studio remake is making progress, but unfortunately there is nothing new to show you yet. I mainly do things in the background which are very time consuming but boring to look at. So I thought about what I could show you in a blog post… and came up with this “little” text about how to convert an old SP-Studio item into a new one. Perhaps some of you are interested in “behind the scene” stuff like this.

I apologize in advance for boring you. :)

For every SP-Studio item I follow these steps…

Continue reading

(Contest) news (November )

SP-Studio contestBefore I talk about the contests let me announce something about the forum: You can access the old forum again to save pictures and text. But it’s broken, so new posts do not work. I will switch to a new forum software and try to rescue as much as I can, but I cannot promise anything. So please save anything you want to keep.

Since this whole PHP problem made things a bit chaotic for me, an update is about to be finished and the Christmas Special is around the corner I will skip the picture contest for December. This means the current contest about ROAYALS runs longer. You can submit your pictures until November 31st. The voting will run trough December.

In the meanwhile have a look at the last winners: Congratulations to Art Vandelay for winning the FATALITY contest! Please contact me when you want to claim your prize – a free wish for a SP-Studio update. You can find all contest winners in the HALL OF FAME.

Thank You Patrons!

It’s #ThankYouPatrons day, and I want you to know how important your support is to me!

Because of you survives. And I hope this brings a little bit of joy to people from around the world who build their own characters. This internet can be difficult to deal with, so I always wanted to create a welcoming place for everybody who wants to be creative. To make this happen I tried to keep everything on my website for free for those who cannot afford to pay anything. Voluntarily donations are the only way to achieve this.

Since I announced the plans for the SP-Studio remake to save its future nearly one year ago I received many donations via Patreon and PayPal. They made it possible for me to start working on the SP-Studio remake and pay for the software I needed (Adobe Animate and WebStorm). Thank you so much!

Forum problems

If you were active in the SP-Studio community you might have noticed problems with the forum. It has been down for two days now and unfortunately things look bad.

The reason for this is a new PHP version on the server. The forum software was very old and broken because updates did not work anymore (conflicts between plugins, a long story). Since it’s only a small community I decided to keep it running and replace it in the future when I find a solution for exporting. But if you run old PHP code at some point it won’t be supported anymore by the PHP version on the server which is regularly updated. Updates are a good thing for security reasons, but in this case it killed the forum and there is no access anymore. I feel bad about how this happened… At least I’d wanted to give the members the chance to backup things before I replace the forum with a more modern software. I will try to make this possible. In the meantime you can contact me by e-mail or here in the news comments. I hope the regular visitors of the forum see this post.

UPDATE: You have access to the forum again, but it’s too broken to post anything. Please save anything you want to save! We will move to a different forum software in january and I don’t know yet what I can keep.

80s cartoons update #3

The final update inspired by classic cartoons is online! This time I picked four characters from different shows:

  • Rainbow Brite: Dress, hair and make-up
  • Cubbi Gummy: Shirt, hat, mouth, ears, hair
  • Muppet Baby Miss Piggy: Dress, gloves, hair, nose, ears
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Breastplate

I hope you liked those nostalgic costumes and I am sure the animal parts will come in handy for creating pictures.

In case you wonder what’s planned next: November will bring another small update slected by my Patreon supporters. The vote is still running, so you can still join. And of course there will be the annual Christmas Special in December. Meanwhile the work on the SP-Studio remake continues and I will post another look behind the scenes soon.

Contest news (October)

SP-Studio contestThe final “80s cartoons” update will be out in a couple of days, after curing the cold which is picking on me right now. Until then you could join the current picture contest. Let’s celebrate Halloween with the gory topic FATALITY! Show a bloody, funny, cruel, famous or unusual death scene. Be creative! It’s important to not just show a Halloween costume. These pictures won’t count this time. And remember: This is not just about murder. So any Darwin Award winner counts for inspiration as well. Submit your picture until October 20th on the CONTEST PAGE. Then the voting will start.

And of course you can have a closer look on the recent winners as well. Congratulations to Eggyslav for winning the AUTUMN contest! You can find all contest winners in the HALL OF FAME.

80s cartoons #2: Ducks

It has been a while since the last one because I mainly worked on the SP-Studio remake lately, but here it is: The second update inspired by 80s (and a little bit 90s…) cartoons! This time I added costumes for three main characters from the Disney cartoons DuckTales and Darkwing Duck. These are the new items:

  • Scrooge McDuck: “beard”, eyebrows, mouth, shirt, glasses
  • Darkwing Duck: shirt, hat
  • Gosalyn Mallard: shirt, hair

The topic for this update was chosen in a poll by my 5€+ Patrons. Let’s see which classic cartoon costumes will come next… :)

Contest news (August)

SP-Studio contestHave you joined the current picture contest yet? Reactivate your Netflix accounts, because this month’s contest is about MODERN TV SERIES! Or tv shows or tv programs, whatever you prefer to call them… There are some restrictions: Your picture must be about a life action drama / comedy tv show which had new episodes in the 2000s or 2010s. NO game shows, NO casting shows, NO cartoons. I am looking forward to your pictures! Submit them until August 20th on the CONTEST PAGE. So there is still onw more day left. Then the voting will start.

Congratulations to the winner of the last contest about CONSPIRACY THEORIES: Eggyslav with his picture of Baphomet! Have a look at all contest winners in the HALL OF FAME.