Update: Hair extensions

SP-Studio UpdateToday I am proud to present you a particularly big update: 32 new hair extensions!

This took me a while to finish, but it will give you way more freedom with the hair styling of your characters. Visit the “Extra highlights” section of the hair category and create unique hairstyles by combining the new items with basic hair of your choice. I have drawn ponytails, pigtails, bangs / fringes, buns, braids and other hair pieces. Most of them come with the option to select two different colors and you can also switch between a flat view and shadings. As always you can flip, rotate and move them. And don’t forget to use the “lock” button to be able use more than one item from the same category.
I hope you enjoy this big update and creating your own crazy hairstyles!

11 thoughts on “Update: Hair extensions

  1. klara

    with these short pony tails ; i can make karen macormick from season 19 instead of wishing her hairstyle because that will be a little bit lazy to make it

  2. Janina Post author

    @Luna The update is already there… that’s what I wrote in the blog post. You can just use the new hair extensions ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Janina Post author

    @Kingston Shamily: Sorry, but I avoid copying directly from South Park.
    But you can already build a hairstyle like this by combining different styles. There are pigtails like this in the “special hair” category.

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