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SP-Studio artIf you are interested in some of my artworks related to SP-Studio updates you might want to follow the DeviantArt account sp-studio-art. It is an old account I initially used to collect my custom drawings of South Park characters in a gallery, but it was inactive for several years. I revived it now to have a place for my SP-Studio related drawings.

Usually when I work on a new costume based on a famous movie, tv show or video game I draw the whole character. Then I split it into different parts for the SP-Studio categories. But sometimes my drawings are more detailed than what would fit the SP-Studio. Or I return to a drawing later and improve it just for fun. My DeviantArt account shows these “improved artworks”. Some of them are similar to what you can build with the SP-Studio, but many parts will look better (like Rocket Racoon’s fur) and there are even characters I never used for SP-Studio updates (like Bowser). So I feel like it might be worth collecting them. And since I do not delete old pictures you can also see my very first drawings when you scroll down, which might be funny to look at. 😉

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