New wish voting wishes & plans

Wish Voting GalleryThe WISH VOTING GALLERY was updated today with 60 new ideas by SP-Studio fans. Thank you for your patience! You can now comment on these ideas to show me which you want to see in future updates. The like button was removed from the gallery because it did not work well. New uploads always had less likes than the older ones and so it wasn’t a good way to measure your interest. The comments are a better way to discuss future updates.

After a busy summer I have finally more time for the SP-Studio and I am currently working on an update for the hair category. It seems like you liked the multicolor hairstyles a lot. You can expect more! 🙂 In the meantime the monthly picture contests continue. And I see many new faces there, which is great! JOIN the contest about the 19th century until August 20th.

4 thoughts on “New wish voting wishes & plans

  1. Janina Post author

    I did not add this idea, sorry… Because there already are vests and if I add another one I’d prefer something less “special”. Like a more regular type of vest.

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