Sorry, I’m sick

SP-Studio Christmas SpecialThe annual Christmas Special will start a bit later this year.

This hurts a lot, but for the first time it’s not possible for me to start this annual tradition in time. I ended up getting infected with COVID-19 after all, and it hit me hard. Currently I cannot sit in front of my computer long enough to work on the daily Christmas updates. I am very sorry for everybody who is waiting for this. I’ve already had other health issues last month, which is why there was no update in November. But I will be back soon!

My plan is to hopefully recover until Monday and then start the Christmas Special with small updates. Then I will catch up. You will get your 24 surprises! The start will only be delayed.

15 thoughts on “Sorry, I’m sick

  1. klara

    wrried ;janina ; get well soon ; i am so worried about you ; hope you wil get better soon ; hen i write that you are sick with a covid 19 ; i got so worried ; i dont want you to die ; what if you never get better ; i want you to be healthy creacter

  2. Janina Post author

    Oh no Klara, I am not going to die. Please do not worry. I’m already on my way of recovery and didn’t even need a adoctor. It just weakened me a lot, so I had to stay in beed for some time. But I already feel better every day.

  3. Janina Post author

    Of course I did not forget about the Halloween update. If you had read the blog post, you would know that I was sick. That’s why it’s been so long since the last update. “I’ve already had other health issues last month, which is why there was no update in November.” I know it’s annoying when there are no updates for two months… and I wish it would be different. But I am just one person and when I get sick there are no updates. This is never because I forget about them.

  4. Eva

    Oh man! Get well soon! I feel you, I actually have Covid right now, too. It sucks. Don’t worry. Fans are willing to wait. 😉

  5. klara

    janina ; i am so excited about the new suprise upates ; i hope you are gonna like my wishes that i with for ; i know you canot do it because you had the covid

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