Goodbye X-Twitter, hello Bluesky

Follow on BlueskyYou can now follow on Bluesky!

CLICK HERE to visit the official SP-Studio account. After Elon Musk bought Twitter the platform became more and more broken and filled with hate. That’s why I decided to abandon it and move on. Many users are currently switching to the new social network Bluesky, so I want to support this movement and give it a chance. From now on I will share update and other news on Bluesky (in addition to Instagram, Facebook, Jareen’s Discord server and Patreon).

If you use Bluesky it would be great if you’d help the SP-Studio by sharing a post or two.
The challenge now is to regain followers, because starting fresh is never easy. See you there!

Bluesky is a website and app that looks a lot like old Twitter, because it was created by those who created Twitter in the first place. It’s easy to use. But it’s still in Beta, which means you need an invite code to join, and some features are still missing. But people like it so far, and a social network grows with those who use it.

15 thoughts on “Goodbye X-Twitter, hello Bluesky

  1. Janina Post author

    It is a social network. So it’s not actually a chat, but you post messages and others can reply to them. This way you can talk with each other. But you need to find people to follow and who follow you back.

  2. evagautam

    I know your can add accessories and backgrounds tools in next update

    Can you add more items in new update I want fatness to make cartman character

    So I want to add a new gaming update for the costume backgrounds and more & the school mall food fair fun park backgrounds

    Janina I hope you’re having a good day I’m so tired about this I wanted to add more foreground items need for bloody scar and cracked screen and the items for arm leg head cast I like to add random stuff!

    I want add stuff like more fruit and vegetables and a special thing is you have to size items I wish I add more background like attic workroom staircase shelf books outdoors items and more for the foreground and more objects and your be a great person!

    I’m so excited I want add anime manga costumes including glitter force wikipe tan initial d and more!

    I want to add poses to make rare in sp studio!

  3. Janina Post author

    @evagautam You wrote comments under many different blogs posts, so I copied them into one. Please do not do this again, because it is just spam and makes it difficult for me to reply.

    Regarding your requests: There is the wish voting gallery. It’s the place where everybody can upload wishes, comment/discuss them and where I pick ideas from updates. All requests are collected there in one place. At the moment unfortunately I have no time to include new wishes, but I plan to do this in November. So feel free to submit your wishes now and then they will appear in November. πŸ™‚

    Regarding poses and different body shapes: Please read the first FAQ text.

  4. Yindia

    Janina, I felt sorry about Twitter. πŸ™
    and one problem Kyle’s hat made the eyebrows go back.
    The hat is in front can you fix this please or is this in windows 10.

  5. Janina Post author

    The eyebrows are indeed a problem… I can either make them all appear in front of the hair/hats or under the hair/hats. It’s more realistic to have them under it – even if South Park handles this in a different way. Other people complained about this in the past when the eyebrows were on top of the hair/hats.

    But there might be an option someday to change the order of items.

  6. klara

    janina ; i want to make a south park animation to made some episodes ; but how can i make an south park episode animation ? because i want to make my very own south park animation to mke my episode

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