Update: Fashion accessories

SP-Studio UpdateDuring the last weeks I’ve been drawing many of your wishes, and I hope you like this update. 🙂
20 new items have been added to the SP-Studio!

  • 4 belts (studded, rhinestone, striped cotton, rainbow)
  • 3 hair clips (small, star, heart)
  • 3 necklaces (big jewels, small pearls, heart)
  • 4 earrings (heart, star)
  • 2 colorful bracelets
  • nose to ear chain & wallet chain
  • armwarmers & legwarmers

14 thoughts on “Update: Fashion accessories

  1. Janina Post author

    When I have time 😉 I cannot plan this ahead because it depends on how much I have to work. But I hope to do this next week.
    A new update is more important though.

  2. Janina Post author

    I’m fine, but I have to work a lot. Sorry, I would love to finish an update instead for sure… but I could not find enought time.
    BUT next week my 3 week vacation will start 🙂

  3. klara

    janina ; janina ; i am worried about you sometimes because i dont want you to get harrasted and; bullied ; because i wanna protect you

  4. Rylee Rymer

    Hey, some more hair styles would be really nice! and swell as being able to hold two items instead of one?

    Rylee Rymer.

  5. Janina Post author

    The next update will be about hair. 🙂

    And you can already hold two items. That’s what the “lock” button” is for. Add one item, lock it, and you can add a second item from the same category. You can use the “flip” button to flip hands if needed.

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