Update: Special shirts

SP-Studio update: special shirts12 items have been added to the special shirts!

This category is for all the historical clothes, unique costumes and regional outfits. Unfortunately I am very busy with work right now and so I have little time for the SP-Studio. Work comes first, even though I’d love to work on the SP-Studio full time. This is why this update is a bit smaller than the last ones. But I will continue to upload an update every Sunday until all the old items are back! It will take as long as it needs.

In other news: A new SP-STUDIO PICTURE CONTEST has started! Join it until February 20th. The topic of the month is “billionaires”.

8 thoughts on “Update: Special shirts

  1. klara

    um ; janina ? ; i really dont want you troll you and spam you ;but ; whens theneck brace is going to come up ; i am really dont want to spam you but i have to know whens is gonna come out on feruberry ; and how old are you anyways

  2. Janina Post author

    @klara: Of course I will not include your wishes. You misbehaved, spammed and called me an idot. You continue to spam and troll and I have to delete your comments on a daily base.

    I will stop deleting your comments if they fit the topic or are serious questions which have not been answered before. You have a chance to behave better and I am the last person to not give you this chance. But 90% of what you comment is still spam. As long as I see no improvements there is no reason why I should draw anything for a troll. There are many nice people who wait for items as well. They come first.

    Besides… I have to include all items from the old SP-Studio before I think about new ones.

  3. TigerRocks503

    Hey Janina, not trying to bother you, but I have a question. What category are you working on next? I don’t mind whatever it is. I’m just curious.
    I know the special shirts you didn’t fully finish due to the little amount of time you had to work on this. Are you gonna finish that first before moving on to the next section? Don’t worry, I am not pressuring you, just work on this project if you feel comfortable and if you have the time. I don’t want to turn you away from everything else going on in your life right now. Being a busy person is something that I can totally relate to being a busy bee as I’m a senior in high school. πŸ˜› there with you.

    Love where this is going! Hats off to you! πŸ˜‰
    P.S speaking of hats, is Heidi Turner’s hat on the wish list of items for the future already, or am I the first to bring it up? Everything is there for Heidi except her hat.
    Okay but in all seriousness, good job with this massive update. Thumbs up from me! πŸ™‚ Sorry you have to face a lot of spammers and trolls. πŸ™

  4. TigerRocks503

    The tongue emoji was not meant to tease you btw, it was meant to be a panting exhausted face to relate to how being busy is tiring.

  5. Janina Post author

    @TigerRocks503: Thank you very much for your nice comment and for being understanding. Unfortunately I had some busy days lately – but this week looks better! πŸ™‚ So the plan is to include the complete “objects / music” category this Sunday. I want to get rid of the empty categories. And there are some useful items in this one, like headphones, micophones and guitars.
    Heidi Turner’s hat was requested before, so it is on the wish list. When all the old items back I will see if I can publish the list and make it possible to upload ideas in a contact form.

  6. Ian Neumann

    I hope the next update will include the Misc. Items like those bondage ropes and other stuff.

    The three dots in the Present Box Tab is what I’m referring to.

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