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Update: Music complete

SP-Studio update: long arm shirts42 items have been added to the “music” objects!

This category is complete now. All items from the old SP-Studio are back in improved form and with recolor options. The guitars got new strings and you will find complete redrawings as well: The classic 80s walkman and the hand microphone. Two new surprise items are earphones without a visible device (your phone might be in your pocket) and wireless earphones (EarPods). I hope you enjoy this update! 🙂

25 thoughts on “Update: Music complete

  1. Janina Post author

    I usy an ordinary mouse to draw everything. Most people prefer drawing tablets (usually by the company Wacom), but unfortunately I never got used to them.

    And you don’t need to write about spamming all the time or say you are sorry. Just don’t do it anyamore, okay? 🙂 Questions like these are totally fine.

  2. Janina Post author

    Of course, nobody must use the forum. It is just an optional place for SP-Studio users want to connect and talk or have questions. And I know there is not much going on 😉

  3. Janina Post author

    I am not sure what you mean… The internet is a free place so of course you can leave any website you want to leave. And of course you can always come back later.

    It’s not like I want to take hostages here 😉 I am happy about every visit, but I just want to provide a fun place for everyone as long as they are here. So there is zero pressure.

  4. annanese

    I mean if i leave will it allow me to log back in, so just in case if i want to stay logged in, because sometimes it logs me out

  5. Janina Post author

    Oh sorry, I did not get that. The login is only necessary for the forum. And no need to worry. 🙂 Your account will be saved for later if you take a break. Whenever you return you can log in again with your password.

    (We actually had some cases of deleted accounts, but I don’t think this happens anymore – it was caused by changing the forum software at one point)

  6. Janina Post author

    Announcement: I am doing a live stream in about 90 minutes. I draw new items and reply to all questions from the chat. So feel free to join:
    19:30 UTC (20:30 CET)
    (you need a Twitch account to chat)

    @klara: These blog comments is not the place for personal questions, so I deleted your last spam comment. But this might be what you are looking for. So perhaps you should join us on Twitch.

  7. klara

    thank you for the warning ;i dont know my password ; do you know how to get the password ? ; if i cant find the password ; then i never join the twich on next tuesday

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