Update: shirts (long sleeves)

SP-Studio update: long arm shirts40 items have been added to the regular shirts with long sleeves!

This category is complete now. I improved many drawings, you can recolor them – and as a bonus I added three new open jackets. Since you can combine any items with the new SP-Studio it makes sense to give you more open jackets to combine with any shirt you want.

Because some visitors did not notice or understand the new lock feature I added an info box about combining items. Remember you have to add the bottom shirt first, then lock it and then add the jacket.

22 thoughts on “Update: shirts (long sleeves)

  1. TigerRocks503

    Sorry to ask again but do you think you could still add those two new Kyle hairstyles I asked about not too long ago?
    I am aware you update this every Sunday and are trying to avoid copyright. But I think these are find considering how they are rarely seen.
    Thanks! πŸ™‚

  2. Janina Post author

    I am very sorry, but the SP-Studio updates are already planned until April and there is no room for new hair-styles until then. The two hair-Styles are on my list, but I cannot promise if or when items from the wish list will be added. It is very long. I can just promise I won’t forget about them. πŸ™‚

    It’s a special situation right now because my number one priority is to bring back all the old catagories which are still missing (special shirts, music instruments, toys, other obejcts…). This will take about a month. After this I already promised to do updates focused on steampunk and business fashion. This was already planned last year and I started to draw some items for these updates, so I will stick to it before I decide what to do in summer.

  3. Janina Post author

    Thank you. πŸ™‚
    When I am finished with completing the old categories I think about adding a “wish list” section to the website where everybody can see the current state of the wish list and request items to be added to it. But this is just an idea right now.

  4. klara

    i dont want to spam you but i have to ask you ; i cant find professor chaos cloths or hat anywhere ; do you any idea why is the professor chaos cloths is not here in the shirts ?

  5. Janina Post author

    Klara, do you remember what I already told you SEVERAL TIMES about the Prof. Chaos shirt? What’s the matter with you?
    If you need help: Write an e-mail. But I will delete your comments.
    I gave you a chance, and you spam and troll again… you annoy me on purpose. It’s a shame. Grow up and learn how to behave in front of other people – or leave.

    Sorry to everybody else who has to read this. Of course I want to help with any problems. But Klara kept spamming for a couple of days now and I had to delete several of her posts. I am getting sick of being patient and friendly if somebody treats me like dirt.

    (calling me an idiot does not help)

  6. annanese

    will there be any more cool hair options, like mohawks, or bobcuts? because the sound like cool ideas, the hair styles there are cool but i think bobcuts look cool

  7. Ian Neumann

    It’s nice to see all the long sleeve shirts being completed, but I still need those Misc. Items. involving the Bondage Ropes, the Ball and Chain, the keys and those other stuff.

  8. Janina Post author

    @annanese: There will be more haircuts in the future for sure. πŸ™‚ Not before April though, because I already planned other updates until then. I put your wishes on my list. The “wish list” is a very long text document I use to collect requests by fans and my own ideas. There are a ton of ideas on it for every category. And whenever I work on a new update I have a look on the wish list for inspiration.
    And no need to worry about spamming als long as you don’t write 20 posts a day and repeat yourself all the time. πŸ˜‰

    @Ian Neumann: I did not forget about you. πŸ™‚ But I included 40 items this week and this was a lot of work. So this is the reason why other items are still missing. They will return as fats as possible. But there are other people who have their favorites as well. I think the category you ask for will return at the end of February, but I don’t want to ptomise anything yet beause my daytime job is very busy at the moment.

  9. annanese

    ok thanks, oh and is there a way i could help with the updates, they seem really cool and inspiring

  10. Janina Post author

    Thank you for the offer, but since the start of the SP-Studio back in 2001 I draw every update myself. It’s not that I think I am the best artist out there – but it’s my little baby and I want to keep it this way. πŸ™‚ Apart from drawing it is difficult to help me with the updates, because they involve coding.
    But you can join the forum and monthly picture contests to become a part of the community. And I am always happy about a nice comment because they motivate me a lot.

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