Update: tools & weapons complete

SP-Studio update: tolls & weapons72 items have been added to the “objects / tools & wepaons” category!

This category was missed by many SP-Studio fans, so I am happy to bring it back. The drawings for all items were improved and custom colors were added. And there are some surprises! The longsword can now be used in the hands. And I added four completely new drawings:

  • a new realistic looking pistol
  • a new regular shield
  • a better katana
  • a better chainsaw

7 thoughts on “Update: tools & weapons complete

  1. Ian Neumann

    That’s great! 😀

    All we need now are the other objects that were used in the other South Park Creators

    Like the bondage ropes, the keys and those other things and I’ll be all set. 🙂

  2. Janina Post author

    Please enjoy what’s already there and I promise I am doing all I can to bring back the rest as soon as possible. 🙂

    I know what’s missing and I’d love to include all of it immediately. It annoys me if things are missing. But unfortunately it is a lot of work to bring back the old items into the new SP-Studio. It is not just copy paste. I work on this project every day, 7 days a week after my regular job. More is not possible because I am just a human being. 😉 There will be an update focused on another category every Sunday until everything is complete, and all the music instruments and ropes will be back.

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