SP-Studio update: hats

Update: Hats complete

SP-Studio update: hats61 items have been added to the “accessories/hats” category!

My plan is to release an update every weekend until all the old items are back. This time I focused on the hats. The category is now complete, all drawings were improved and recolor options were added were it makes sense. But I don’t want to risk boring you with just old items – so with every of these weekly update you can expect at least one new item as a little surprise. This time it’s pretty useful: A hoodie hood! The excisting hood was more suitable for robes so I decided to give you something more casual for your characters to wear. You can combine it with a shirt of your choice and of course recolor it.
And a bit later Lars added an update with improved loading times and some pretty placeholders!

57 thoughts on “Update: Hats complete

  1. Janina Post author

    The Prof. Chaos clothes and tinfoil hat were the only clothes were I used bitmap textures instead of vector drawings. Flash was able to deal with this mixture, but unfortunately I cannot use them with the new method I had to switch to. So right now I cannot include the Prof. Chaos costume. But I will see if I can mimic the tinfoil look with vectors and add them later if it looks okay.

  2. Janina Post author

    Right now I haven’t tried it yet because other updates have a higher priority. I want to include all the missing objects and shirts first, because these categories lack a lot of items. This will take about a month. But if I find time earlier I will see what I can do. 🙂

  3. Janina Post author

    If you are looking for friends it might be a good idea to join the forum. We don’t have a big community, but there are some you can talk with.

  4. Janina Post author

    Crutches will come with the “more objects” category until mid of February. A neck brace is a good idea, I will put it on my list for later. But the wish list is very long, so I cannot promise anything.

  5. Janina Post author

    Please do not spam and don’t be impatient. I had to delete two of your comments.
    I have this list since 20 years and it keeps growing. It is just a collection of ideas. When I do an update I pick some of them. But the list will never be empty because I get a lot of requests. It is impossible to draw all of them.

  6. klara

    so ; what i want is some crutches ; neck brace ; weelchair ;a arm band ; a phone ; a coaster full of food ; a diabetes beeper ; and a new pregnant belly

  7. Janina Post author

    I put them on the list. Arm bands are already there though. Mobile phones and crutches are already drawn and wilb come during February.

  8. Janina Post author

    @Klara: Okay… stop please. This is getting really annoying.
    I love feedback and to answer questions. And I always assume people might just be young and inexperienced instead of trolling on purpose. But you are spamming my comments and I already had to delete several of your posts. You don’t read what I wrote. You repeat what you already wrote. This is no polite behaviuor. And I won’t add items requested by impolite spammers.
    I read all the comments and write down requests – no worries. But please stop spamming if you want anything to be included, okay? This is not a chat.

    If you look for friends and just want to talk the forum is the better place.

  9. TigerRocks503

    I was wondering if there can be two new hairstyles that I like. Recently in South Park, one of the main characters Kyle Broflovski has changed a bit in terms of appearance as he has had two new hairstyles which I really like and wish were in SP-Studio. Originally his first hairstyle was his fro style haircut. Kyles original hairstyle is in the short hair section and its label: “Short Hair 51”.

    Anyways Kyles hair has changed recently and here’s what they look like
    The first one I really like as he has the rockin’ Elvis style cut. This was seen in the episode ‘Doubling Down’ and ‘Super Hard PCness’

    Also from the episode Super Hard PCness, Kyle was not happy with the way he looked so he decided to make a change in appearance by cutting his hair and throwing away his Terrence and Phillip t-shirt. This is his current hairstyle:

    I was wondering if there is a way you can add these two new hairstyles into SP-Studio just because I like it more than his old fro hairstyle.

    Thanks and keep up the good work! 🙂

  10. Janina Post author

    @TigerRocks503: I will put the hair-styles on my list of possible updates. 🙂
    To be honest I stopped copying items directly from South Park a while ago. It’s always difficult because of copyrights and I feel better not doing it. But I won’t say no yet, because these hair-styles are different enough from existing ones. And they might be useful for all types of characters, not just for Kyle. So they might appear in an hair update one day.

  11. TigerRocks503

    Thanks…but Kyles hair is rarely seen anyway and I just think it makes him look cute..that’s all. 🙂

  12. Janina Post author

    It’s great that you like the SP-Studio, but you don’t look like you are sorry… because you wrote 13 comments since I asked you to stop spamming. Now I have to delete them again. Just stop spamming and I’m happy.
    It’s best noit to repeat your comments or questions. I read them. And if I haven’t replied yet try to wait a bit before you write again. Do you think you can try this?
    Regarding your question: I don’t know Horrid Henry, but I know it’s a cartoon.

  13. Janina Post author

    If I might quote myself 😉
    “My plan is to release an update every weekend until all the old items are back.”
    So the music instruments will be back soon.

  14. Ian Neumann

    All I need now are the weapons and the other stuff that includes bondage stuff, keys, ball and chain, etc.

  15. Janina Post author

    @Ian Neumann: All wepaons & tools will be online in a couple of minutes, so you are lucky 🙂

    @Klara: No. I will not add a hearing aid because you don’t listen to me (this is kinda ironic I guess) and spam all the time.

    I add items to the wish list if someone acts politely and does not troll me.

  16. Janina Post author

    Then you should understand why your spamming is a problem.
    I am older, I have to work a lot and don’t have time to deal with this. Whenever I have to delete your spam posts this is stealing me time I could use otherwise. So if somebody spams and continues to spam of course I will ignore this person. I really try to be nice, but I am no punching ball for internet trolls. There are nice people who ask me to draw items, and they will come first. You do understand this, right?
    If you stop spamming everything will be fine. But until then I will ignore any of your wishes.

    This is the last time I will explain this.

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