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If you were active in the SP-Studio community you might have noticed problems with the forum. It has been down for two days now and unfortunately things look bad.
The reason for this is a new PHP version on the server. The forum software was very old and broken because updates did not work anymore (conflicts between plugins, a long story). Since it’s only a small community I decided to keep it running and replace it in the future when I find a solution for exporting. But if you run old PHP code at some point it won’t be supported anymore by the PHP version on the server which is regularly updated. Updates are a good thing for security reasons, but in this case it killed the forum and there is no access anymore. I feel bad about how this happened… At least I’d wanted to give the members the chance to backup things before I replace the forum with a more modern software. I will try to make this possible. In the meantime you can contact me by e-mail or here in the news comments. I hope the regular visitors of the forum see this post.

UPDATE: You have access to the forum again, but it’s too broken to post anything. Please save anything you want to save! We will move to a different forum software in january and I don’t know yet what I can keep.

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  1. Janina Post author

    The forum is back! But there are tons of errors, new posts are not possible and bb code is not working right now. I try to fix what I can. But I decided to open the forum anyway, so you can save things you want to save.
    We will switch to a different forum software soon – most likely in January 2019. I am thinking about Discourse ( and this time I will avoid huge plugins that might cause trouble with updates. While I hope I can export the posts to the new forum software I don’t think the gallery can move as well – so please save your pictures if you want to keep them. I will write an extra article about it in time.

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