80s cartoons update #3

The final update inspired by classic cartoons is online! This time I picked four characters from different shows:

  • Rainbow Brite: Dress, hair and make-up
  • Cubbi Gummy: Shirt, hat, mouth, ears, hair
  • Muppet Baby Miss Piggy: Dress, gloves, hair, nose, ears
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Breastplate

I hope you liked those nostalgic costumes and I am sure the animal parts will come in handy for creating pictures.
In case you wonder what’s planned next: November will bring another small update slected by my Patreon supporters. The vote is still running, so you can still join. And of course there will be the annual Christmas Special in December. Meanwhile the work on the SP-Studio remake continues and I will post another look behind the scenes soon.

2 thoughts on “80s cartoons update #3

  1. Janina Post author

    I guess that comes from my memory about her being grumpy all the time, because I did not like her much as a kid… 😉 But you can switch her mouth to make her look nicer.

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