Update: Winter fashion

Your characters won’t have to freeze anymore: This new content update adds more casual winter fashion to the SP-Studio! I had several ideas for possible updates and again asked my 5$+ Patreon supporters to pick one of them. This is new:

  • three short winter jackets
  • a long, pink coat
  • a classic yellow raincoat
  • a black turtleneck sweater
  • two knit caps

Regarding the SP-Studio remake:
It will take a lot of time until I can actually show something. But as soon as I am sure which features we will be able to include I will write a blog post about it. Thanks a lot to everybody who has supported the funding of the SP-Studio remake so far on Patreon or with a Paypal donation!

5 thoughts on “Update: Winter fashion

  1. Janina Post author

    In case you wonder why none of these clothes were added to the freestyle collection: I don’t think I will add any new items with custom colors to the Flash version of the SP-Studio. Fixed colors are easier to inlcude for me and the extra effort is not worth it anymore. I prefer to put this time into the new HTML5/JavaScript version which will very likely offer custom color for all of these new items. The new color system will be completely different from the current one and it will be easier for me to handle.

  2. Ingla5565

    I understood correctly, all subsequent updates will now appear in the new game, or is it only for this update?

  3. Janina Post author

    This update and the updates during the next couple of month will still be for the current version of the game. If you don’t see the winter clothes yet perhaps you have to refresh the site.
    The SP-Studio remake will take several months to finish, so it won’t launch before summer. I want to provide updates for the current Flash version until then so my visitors don’t get bored. 🙂 But there won’t be “complicated” updates during this time (like custom color clothes).
    When the new version launches in a couple of months it will contain all the content from the old version – and even more. From then on new updates will only appear for the new version and not for the old Flash version. The old Flash version will be archived but not longer updated.

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