Anime eyes for your avatar

New eyes with custom colors

Anime eyes for your avatarFrom now on you can choose your own eye colors. I changed two of the most popular eye shapes, so you are able to select whatever color you like for the iris and background. This can help you to create an avatar that looks more like you or to build colorful monsters :).
And there is a completly new eye shape as well, which can also be colored however you like it: Manga eyes! Foy many years this has been requested by SP-Studio fans, and I never wanted to include it because I think they do not fit with the drawing style. But after South Park introduced Princess Kenny in anime sequences I gave it another try and I guess it might look kind of funny.

20 thoughts on “New eyes with custom colors

  1. Janina Post author

    I would love to include Avengers costumes, but before I can start drawing them I want to check if I am allowed to do it. Drawing a costume from Doctor Who or Sherlock is one thing, because they are normal clothes. But right now those Marvel characters wear the most iconic superhero outfits of the whole world, they are very special. Most likely they are protected by copyright.
    On the other hand there is a ton of fan art out there and Marvel seems to allow this. The SP-Studio is just fan art as well, because I don’t sell the pictures or merchandising with them. So I guess it would be okay. I think it would be cool to include the Avengers next year when the new movie starts. Or maybe earlier, let’s see.
    Well… I will write an e-mail now and just ask Marvel. Let’s see if I will get the permission, wish me luck! 🙂

  2. Janina Post author

    This would not work obviously, because how should the shirt “know” where tha arms are? 😉 This is why the position of the arms unfortunately cannot be changed.

  3. Etrangere

    Awesome about the eyes! I hope we can get the eyes that look in different directions in pick your own iris color one day as well!

  4. Christian

    How about Lord of the Rings? I would really need a Gandalf hat and cloak!
    There’s already a wooden staff…

  5. jenjanel

    what about more vg charries conker any sonic characters dr mario viruses & q3 characters

  6. Janina Post author

    @Christian: More Fantasy costumes aure high on my list 🙂
    @jenjanel: There will be more video game characters. But Sonic does not look good in the SP-Studio style because of the front view. I tried to draw him once and it did not turn out nice because of his spikes.

  7. Kami

    Hey Janina! I love the eyes but I want to have the Princess Kenny hair from Stick of Truth to be on here. Also have the dress! That’s all

  8. Tony Budgie

    Awesome I Love This South Park Creator It’s So Good I Did Doctor Who Characters And My Self And People On My Street And In My House And I Love The Fact You Can Change Your Eye Colour!!!!

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