Mixed SP-Studio update

Feathers and curtains

Mixed SP-Studio updateI got a new mouse after my old one was broken, so it’s update time again! Finally I was able to finish this mixed update with wishes from SP-Studio fans:

  • sword on the back (contest wish)
  • Fullmetal Alchemist uniform (contest wish)
  • red curtains as a new foreground
  • native American feathered headdress

contestIf you want to win the chance to have your wish included in the SP-Studio join the monthy picture contests. The current topic is LITERATURE and you can submit your picture until April 20th. The winner is chosen by vote. You can join the contest here, and here you can read more about how it works.

16 thoughts on “Feathers and curtains


    Could you create the following instruments:
    French horn
    John Lennon’s guitar

  2. Janina Post author

    Some of them are high on my list.
    The piano is a little difficult though, because it has to be so big… I have tried to draw one once and it looked bad. But I don’t give up ;).

  3. Janina Post author

    Sorry, but I never promise anything because the list of requests is very long and I cannot draw all of them. I don’t want anyody to be disappointed because I say I include something and then it won’t happen. Usually I decide shortly before I start drawing for an update, so it is difficult to tell. I can just say I will remember it :).
    If you wan to make sure one of your wishes is included soon, you can join the monthly picture contests in the SP-Studio community (Gallery / Forum in the main menu), because the first prize is always a free wish for an object of your choice.

  4. Juan D'Marco

    Other than the military uniform from FMA, could you please add Ed’s coat, Al’s armor, Roy Mustang’s haircut and gloves, Riza Hawkeye’s haircut and Scar’s scar and arm tatoos and the Ouroboros symbol (which you can put anywhere)? 🙂
    Also, instead of adding only a few preset eye iris colors, could you add a color selector for the eye irises like there is with most other body parts and customizable clothes?

  5. Janina Post author

    The FMA uniform was an exceptional case, because the winners of the SP-Studio picture contests are allowed to request an item. But as long as no other winner will request a FMA item I don’t think there will be more in the near future.
    But color selection for the eyes is already in the making, so this will be most likely included in the next update.

  6. Connor

    The following items would be nice:
    Eyes without pupils
    Seperate hands(so you can move, color, ect. one hand at a time instead of both at once)
    Adult skin(make the body taller so it looks like an adult)
    Vest with line in middle
    Rotate option

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