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Buzz! Update

Update: Buzz!

Buzz! UpdateIt has been a while, but as promised here is another video game related
Because I like the look of the main character in the PS3 game “Buzz! Quiz World” I included his hair-style and glasses in the SP-Studio. I hope they are a useful addition, not only for Buzz, but also for your own characters. And di you notice he ist Canadian?
The next update will come sooner (that’s why this one is so small). I am as sick of those huge breaks between them as you are ;).

Update: Inspired by the PlayStation…

Inspired by Sony’s announcement of the PS4 I drew some parts from famous PlayStation characters of the past. I tried to pick items which can be useful for multiple reasons and not only for building a copy of ths particular character:

  • Solid Snake’s shirt, bandana and hair-style, inspired by the Metal Gear Solid games
  • Crash Bandicoot’s smile and “beard”
  • Sephiroth’s hair-style and shirt from Final Fantasy VII
  • The dress and hat of the main characters from Journey

Missing your favorite game? I have planned more gaming related SP-Studio updates for the near future.
PlayStation Update

Huge Anniversary Update!

Anniversary UpdateNew items for every category! To celebrate the 10th anniversary of this website I prepared an extra huge SP-Studio update. 22 new clothes, hair-styles, fashion accessories and body parts are waiting for you. And because it is the release date of Diablo 3 today some objects are inspired by the Lord of Terror himself. I hope you enjoy the update! 🙂
And please remember: If you want to support the SP-Studio and help it stay alive for another decade every little donation is welcome. Thanks a lot to everybody who already helped me to keep this project going!

Portal Update

Update: Portal Gun

Portal UpdateI get many requests for wepaons from video games. Usually I don’t want to draw them, because they are too special and only useful for a small amount of fans. But now I made one exception becaue I believe this is the most popular and interesting weapon: the Portal Gun! Valve’s “Portal 2” came out this year, so this should be a nice addition to the video game related items in the SP-Studio.

Update: Assassin's Creed costume

Assassin's Creed UpdateAs promised I try to draw new items every weekend:
This time it is a very detailed costume of a famous video game character. When it comes to gaming related requests there is one I get a lot: An Assassin’s Creed costume. And of course I listen to you (…most of the time ;)). I included it today and hope you like it. This is a nice costume for many historical characters, so it will be useful for nongamers too.
In other news: The voting for the current contest has started, so check out the great pictures submitted for the topic MALE MUSICIANS. Register a nickname to rate them till October 31st. If you want to join the contests you have to wait till the next one starts on November 1st.

Update: It's time to play!

Gaming UpdateI want to try something new and hope it will work: From now on there will be a SP-Studio update with new items every weekend. Yes, it sounds crazy considering I was used to do bigger updates every 2 or 3 months. But I think this makes it more interesting for my visitors. And I can react to your wishes more spontaneously. You can always write them in the News comments down there or use the Wish Voting area in the SP-Studio community (updated link), where you can vote which items you want to see in the SP-Studio.
So let’s have a look at the new items for today: I added three gaming consoles for your character to play with. And there will be more gaming related updates in the upcoming weeks… ;). I drew a NES, SNES and PSP/Vita. Many of my visitors asked for them, so here you go. You can find the new objects in the “stuff” category next to the other gaming consoles.

Advent Calendar

SP-Studio Christmas Special 2008

The first big SP-Studio Christmas Special starts today!
I will draw one new item every day till Christmas, and you can send me your wishes. The first new part is a classic Christmas scene as a background. Many wished for that and I think it’s a good way to help you design your own Christmas cards. But what will be next…? Have fun with the 24 updates and keep checking back for what surprises the next days will bring!
By the way, I was overwhelmed by the number of e-mails I got. More than 2.000 wishes were sent in until now for this Christmas Special, and yes, I read every single one of them. It’s very hard to choose 24 items to draw, so please do not be sad if your request isn’t picked. I have already decided to work on special themed updates in January to add more of your great ideas. So keep on wishing :). By the way: I have fixed some small errors as well (layer problems with the masks, bracelets, ties and text tool).
Advent Calendar