Update: Metroid & HALO… and a vote

blog_version4.09_03After some Sony related videogame items my new update is based on the two biggest Action heroes from Nintendo and Microsoft: Samus Aran (Metroid) and Master Chief (HALO)!
It took me a while to draw those detailed costumes, but now their iconic body armor and helmets can be found in the SP-Studio and I hope you like them.
There will be one more “videogame costume update” in about a week, but this time you decide what I should draw. Cast your vote in the sidebar!

25 thoughts on “Update: Metroid & HALO… and a vote

  1. Todd

    Just A Suggestion…You Know How You Did A Rey Mysterio Mask On Here…Take It One Step Further & Create A Sin Cara Mask As Well…I Know There’s Probably Some Wrestling Fans Who Would Like To See This. Comment On This If You Want To!

  2. Janina Post author

    @Matt: A batman costume is already there. I know it doesn’t look as cool… but I would prefer to include other things first which are really new :).
    @Todd: I will remember it for later, but cannot promise yet. Unfortunately the WWE is very strict with their copyrights… I stopped drawing their costumes because I am afraid to get in trouble. So I have to check on this first to make sure they are okay with this type of fan art.

  3. topspincam629

    I would like there to be minecraft costumes. Also, if you make updates that are TV related, I would like it if you made Dexter’s outfit. (Dexter from Showtime not the one on Cartoon Network). Thanks.

  4. Janina Post author

    Thanks for the ideas! I will only do one more videogame related update now, but I write down all your wished for the future, so nothing gets lost :).

  5. Janice

    Hi,Janina! I don’t know if you could,but how about Kratos hair,or something related to Nintendo,like Mario’s hat,Princess Peach Hair,stuff like that…
    One more thing: I’m brazilian,and all my friends luv this website,you are international 😀

  6. Jo

    I am so sick of people who want Skyrim related stuff for everything. There are statues, shirts, bags and alot more for the fans of Dovahkiin. Why didn’t things like that come out when Morrowind was released? I would have done anything for a nice Legion-Guard with imperial steel armor, a bonemold armored Dunmer or a wild Velothi. Even Ordinators would have been pretty cool as a statue or even action figure. All I’ve got was a little pewter figure from an Indoril Guard. :/
    My suggestions were either a Morrowind armor or Jade from Beyond good and evil. Jade wouldn’t even be to special so one could use her clothing for alot of different things.

  7. Janina Post author

    Oh, I only meant Xbox exlusives. Bioshock was released for the PC and PS3 as well, that’s why I did not think of it first when I though of a typical Xbox game :).
    And of course just because HALO is the best known Xbox franchise this does not mean everybody has to like it. I have never played it myself.

  8. Hayley

    Hi Janina, it would be very nice to see some Call of Duty costumes. I love Call of Duty and I’m a female. Thanks

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