Update: Inspired by the PlayStation…

Inspired by Sony’s announcement of the PS4 I drew some parts from famous PlayStation characters of the past. I tried to pick items which can be useful for multiple reasons and not only for building a copy of ths particular character:

  • Solid Snake’s shirt, bandana and hair-style, inspired by the Metal Gear Solid games
  • Crash Bandicoot’s smile and “beard”
  • Sephiroth’s hair-style and shirt from Final Fantasy VII
  • The dress and hat of the main characters from Journey

Missing your favorite game? I have planned more gaming related SP-Studio updates for the near future.
PlayStation Update

13 thoughts on “Update: Inspired by the PlayStation…

  1. hamstap85

    Sly Cooper from the franchise of the same name (Bentley, Murray, and Carmelita too if you can/feel like it), Cole MacGrath from inFamous, and Nathan Drake from Uncharted (if you can get enough discerning features). You also might consider movies… I dunno how much work goes into designing an outfit :/

  2. Janice

    I wish you to make some Harry Potter,Hunger Games and Lord of The Rings itens,like Harry’s scar,The precious and Katniss hair. If you want games,i suggest making Mario and Sonic things.

  3. Janice

    Fernando Henrique i’m from Brazil too! My name is Janice Amaral,and i have one more suggestion: Kratos itens!

  4. terry51

    alisa jin for tekken naruto and sasuke for naruto green lantern scorpion and sub zero for mortal kombat

  5. Rikimaru

    I created a Rikimaru kid and a Eru kid using the old clothes, but the background I used for the first one was the snow forest. It would be nice if you create some classic japan style buildings, for example.
    And it would be nice too some clothes to create Castelvania characters, Bionic Commando, Zone of the Enders, or any of Marvel vs. Capcom, for example.

  6. Juan D'Marco

    What about Spyro parts? And Klonoa parts too :3
    Also Coco, Crush, Nina and Neo Cortex parts :3
    BTW, I’m from Brazil too, despite my Spanish name

  7. Cedric

    Link from the legend of zelda will be good or manga charachter as natsu naruto luffy and ichigo

  8. Gavin

    create shrek,final fantasy,yugioh,dragon ball z, d.c. comics,teen titians,venom,redskull,scorpion , Quan-Chi, sub-zero, rain, raiden, goro,oni, tsang tsung, ermac, johnny cage,katana,s.w.a.t, gta san andreas, mark of kri,hitman, ceaser, gladiator and more on the tattoos.

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