New SP-Studio: item options

The new SP-Studio item optionsWhile we are working on the new SP-Studio I want to show you another preview of the current state of development. Let’s have a look at the new item menu, because I did not show it in the last blog post. Back then it was not finished yet, but Lars worked a lot on it lately and had some great ideas on how to improve it. You can click on the image to zoom in.
As you can see every item will have a name now (English / German). It appears in the upper right corner of the item options. I hope this will come in handy for users with bad eye sight who use screen readers – or if you are just confused about what I wanted to draw. 😉
And of course there are the buttons with different item options.

During the last couple of weeks Lars coded the options to delete, rotate, flip, move and recolor items. So I can tell you now: All the item options you know from the old SP-Studio will be working in the new SP-Studio on launch day! That’s more than I expected and I am very happy about it. Let’s have a look at what changed:

  • Deleting, rotating and flipping of items works similar to the way it did in the old SP-Studio. But the double click bug with flipping is gone now.
  • Moving changed a bit compared to the old “drag and drop” way. Because it is too difficult to drag an item on the small screen of a mobile device there are now four buttons to move the item in differnet directions. When you click on the “move” button these buttons appear.
  • Custom Colors were improved a lot compared to the old SP-Studio. It’s easier for me now to include custom colors for items, so WAY more items than before will offer this feature. There are up to two custom colors per item. In the item options they show up as colored buttons. When you click on one of them the palette shows up and lets you change this color. The current color is highlighted in the palette now. On mobile devices the palette will have a scroll bar to make sure that you can always see the whole picture while selecting new colors. And of course there is a “back” button to return to the category you browsed before entering the item options.

By the way… there are three (yes, three!) different ways now how you can access the item menu. So everybody can use it the way they prefer:

  1. You can still click on the item in your picture like in the old SP-Studio. But now it changes its color slightly to let you know which part is selected. This makes it easier for you to hit small items like eyebrows or earrings.
  2. You can click on the thumbnail of the item in the category list (or just double click when you add it to your picture).
  3. You can click on the pencil icon to get to a list with all items currently in your picture. Then you click on the thumbnail.

So much for today. You can join my Twitch livestreams every weekend if you want to see more (dates are announced in the forum and on Twitter). The launch of the new SP-Studio is still planned for the end of the year and I will keep you updated. I hope you are loking foward to it as much I do!

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