Christmas Special 2022

From December 1st to December 24th daily updates are waiting for you! The beloved annual tradition continues, and I hope all of you are excited for the surprises I prepared for you. I will draw new clothes, places, hairstyles and other objects for this Advend calendar.

Again YOU can request new items for these updates! Upload them to the Wish Voting gallery and if I like them they will appear there. Then everybody can discuss them and popular ideas from the Wish Voting Gallery have a good chance to appear in the Christmas Special.

Have fun! And of course I’d love to read your feedback. πŸ™‚ Which items are your favourites?

day 1: Trombone
day 2: Popcorn
day 3: Earrings
day 4: Savanna
day 5: Rugby shirt
day 6: Short wavy bob
day 7: 8 Pride Flag Shirt-motifs
day 8: Gemstone
day 9: Cybernetic eyes
day 10: Oversized 2 color hoodie
day 11: Inside a bus
day 12: 7 Pride Flag Shirt-motifs
day 13: Mushroom
day 14: Life jacket
day 15: 4 vampire mouths
day 16: Clipboard
day 17: Flower hat
day 18: Gym
day 19: Long braids
day 20: Traditional Mexican dress
day 21: big hair bow
day 22: abstract stars background
day 23: Face tentacles
day 24: Lava lamp

UPDATES: As soon as a new item is online this blog post will be updated and you will be informed here: Forum, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Mastodon (German), Discord, Patreon. The old Christmas Specials can be found here.

28 thoughts on “Christmas Special 2022

  1. klara

    janina , you are so great , i know this is not a chat , but i make a note on the comment , roses are ret voilents are blue ,when i comment you , i like you more , because i love how you put a new suprise itelms , you are the nice creactor i ever comment

  2. Paul/Tony Maroj

    Love the earrings!!! I will be using them often!
    The popcorn would be great with a cinema/theatre seats background that looks like their sitting in them!
    (Hint, hint, wink πŸ˜‰! )

  3. Janina Post author

    @Klara: Thank you, even though you flatter me to much. πŸ™‚

    @Paul: I’ll keep the cinemae seats in mind, because I am a bit movie fan.

    @Joey: We already have different scarfs and for years you always suggest items based on characters nobody knows. Maybe try something which has a better chance?

  4. klara

    janina ; i stoped sending wishes from the south paark , because i know that you try to stop copying the wishes from south park , copying the wish from the south park can be pretty lazy to you , so i has deiside that i will just send the normal wish without south park in the picture for the item wish

  5. klara

    janina , i am a little sad , because i wanted kevin mccormicks hair , but i cant , because is copying , i will never wish for kevin mccormicks hair , because you are not a fan of south park anymore , but i understand , that i never , ever wish for kevin mccormicks hair

  6. Janina Post author

    @vova: There was a Spider-Man suit in the old SP-Studio, but I haven’t included it yet. Actually… the special costumes are the only category which is not complete yet.

    With Spider-Man there is an extra problem because the logo is protected by copyright. I even wrote to Marvel to ask about this, but (as comes with no surprise) they don’t reply. So I don’t know what to do… I’d like to bring more super hero costumes back, but I worry about getting in trouble for the logos. Marvel is well known for not being friendly with fan art. I might do my own spider logo and put it on the original suit. πŸ˜‰

  7. klara

    janina , guess what , now that you not copying the south park , then i will never ever wish kevin mccormicks hair , i wanted to make kevin mccormick as a 4th grader , sad , but i guess i will never made him as a 4th grader now you are not the fan of the south park anymore

  8. Janina Post author

    @klara: You should not be sad. Your wish with the bus background was picked for today’s surprise update, because I liked this idea! πŸ™‚ I hope you like how it looks.

  9. JorgePr

    Hi Janina! I just wanted to thank you for awarding me woth a medal over Facebook (I’m Coco PΓ©rez-Reyes over there… in Spanish, Jorges are usually called Coco). Also, I wanted to ask you about the forum. I think I should have an account but have no idea about it, how do I to interact with this great community? And finally, thanks for all the hard work ojce more the Christmas Specials are great!

  10. Janina Post author

    Hi Coco / Jorge! I have to admit this medal was an automatic award – until now I did not even know this was possible πŸ™‚ But it’s well deserved.

    You can create a forum account over here with a registration:
    Then you can write in the forum, post pictures there and interatc with the rest of the community. The forum comunity is not very big at the moment, but we are happy about every new member!

    After the registration it might take some hours until you can use the forum because I have to ckech every new member.

  11. klara

    thank you janina happy , now i am happy , its ashme that you are not a an of the south park anymore so i wanted to make kevin mccormick as a 4th grader

  12. TigerRocks503

    Thank you so much for adding Heidi’s flower hat in Jania. I thought the chances would be so unlikely since it’s a South Park-related item and you clearly said you wanted to avoid using as much stuff from the show as possible. But man this really made my morning! πŸ™‚

    Did you do it because it was requested for a long time or because you like Heidi as a character as well?

  13. Janina Post author

    It’s great to see when an update is liked. πŸ™‚ This hat was actually mentioned a couple of times by different people. But I never included it because it’s copied from South Park and I thought it was not very important. Over time it became the most requested South Park item. So because I wanted to make the fans happy and I needed something relaxing to draw after a long work week I picked it.

    I was a huge South Park fan from season 1 to season 18, so Heidi was not a main character back then. I never cared much about her, but later I liked her character development with Cartman. And I see the SP-Studio mainly as a way to build new characters instead of copying existing South Park characters, because then I would just make a screengrab from the show. πŸ˜‰ So the reason why I included items from the original South Park characters was just for other fans. Even when I was a huge fan of the show I never cared about building Stan or Kyle or Heidi in the SP-Studio.

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