Sherlock Holmes costume

Sherlock costume

Sherlock Holmes costumeWhat’s the best thing that happened this year so far?
New episodes of BBC’s SHERLOCK!
I felt like Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes was a good inspiration for a SP-Studio update. Not only because he is very popular, but also because you can use those items to build other characters as well. So I hope you like the five new parts, even if you are no fan of the show.

  • mouth
  • dark coat
  • scarf (custom colors)
  • eyebrows (custom colors)
  • short, wavy hairstyle (custom colors)

27 thoughts on “Sherlock costume

  1. Miguel Irizarry

    When will you guys add stuff to make Fairy Tail characters. I think it would be awesome to see Natsu, Gray, Lucy, Erza, Wendy, Carla, Happy, Juvia, Gajeel and Jellal in South Park form. Or you can do South Park Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, DBZ or Blue Exorcist. That would be awesome

  2. Janina Post author

    Sorry, but I didn’t even know Fairy Tail, so I will draw nothing about it. I used some Dragonball Z parts already (hair-styles), so maybe there will be more. Naruto might be possible as well. But I have to admit I am no anime fan at all, so this topic is something I don’t touch often in updates ;).

  3. CF Mitch

    I love the items you added!
    And, as usual, the new hairstyle is my favourite =D

  4. Janina Post author

    @Mitch: Thanks! Drawing the hair was fun :).
    @Jeff: Psst… I was told that you are lynched by the real Doctor Who fans if you use “Dr.” instead of “Doctor”. 😉

  5. Janina Post author

    Killed 🙂
    You asked a couple of times and I already told you I plan to do a Doctor Who update soon… asking me again will not make it come sooner ;). I want to do it, but I never know when I find the time. Just try to be patient please.

  6. Janina Post author

    No, I just noticed you wrote “Dr. Who” and because I was told by fans you never are allowed to call him this (it’s “Doctor Who”) I mentioned it – just for fun :).

  7. Miguel Irizarry

    @Janina What do you meen you don’t know what Fairy Tail is? Please tell me you’re joking, it’s an awesome show. If you don’t what it is, then just watch the anime or read the manga. I’m pretty sure you would like it.

  8. Janina Post author

    The problem is I never enjoyed any anime… I tried watching some episodes of Drageonball Z and Hellsing, had a look at Naruto and One Piece and some others, but it’s nothing I can relate to at all. I did not like any of them. So I don’t think I would suddenly like this one. South Park is the only cartoon I watch.
    I like Japanese movies, but only live action.

  9. Miguel Irizarry

    @Janina I understand that you don’t like anime and you don’t know what Fairy Tail is, but can you just look up how the characters look like in the internet? So what if you don’t like anime, other people do. Can you just do this for the fan that do like anime? I aready wrote down the names of the characters in one of my previous comments. You don’t even need to watch the show of read the manga, you just need to look at pictures on the internet so you’ll know how the characters will look. I’m not trying to bother you, I’m just a huge fan of the show. Can you please do this, I’m pretty sure the other fans will enjoy it too. If you do that I’ll stop bothering you with anime stuff.

  10. Janina Post author

    I would consider an update if this show is very popular among SP-Studio fans. For example I got many requests for Doctor Who over a long period of time, and so I picked it (even though I don’t watch the show myself ;)). But until now you are the only person who asked for Fairy Tail… sorry, but the chances are very low.
    But I wrote it on my list. Maybe it can be part of a mixed “anime hair” update or something like this :).

  11. Miguel Irizarry

    @ Janina WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM!? You’re really pissing me off right now! I don’t give a fuck about Sherlock Holmes or Dr. Who! I don’t mind that you dislike anime, but other people do! Read the fucking manga! Just give Fairy Tail a chance! You’re acting SO selfish, I really hate people like that. If you still don’t change your mind, THEN FUCK YOU!!! I like both Fairy Tail and South Park, and I think it would be awesome to make South Park versions of them! Nothing you say will make me change my mind, I’m going to keep asking until you actually do it. I’m not trying to force you, it’s just a simple request. Who do you think you are!? Why will you keep denying a fan’s request! I really hope that you understand what I’m trying to say. If this comment make you feel horrible about yourself and make you regret not listening, the good, that’s what it supposed to do. I know I’m not the only fan who wants that. Do the right thing and just do it, I’m getting tired of asking over a over!

  12. Janina Post author

    Yeah, this is just great.
    I was polite….
    I took my time to listen and replied to your questions (already last year)…
    I even put your wish on my list for future updates, though I did not want to.
    And what do I get? Rude insults!
    Who do you think you are? How did your parents raise you? I don’t care if you are 12 years old or whatever excuses you might come up with now, but this is NO way to have a civilized conversation. Not on the internet and not in real life.
    You did not even read what I wrote. Let me repeat it for you: “I would consider an update if this show is very popular among SP-Studio fans. (…) But until now you are the only person who asked for Fairy Tail.”
    Selfish? Do you know what the word “selfish” means? I do not include this, because NOBODY ELSE wants it. Except for ONE single person. I do not draw things only one person asks me for, because this would be not fair to all the more popular requests (there are already 1000s and nobody could draw so many things). So the only person acting incredibly selfish right now is you, because you don’t seem to understand this.
    I told you I might do a mixed manga update. Then you freaked out.
    And just for your information: You do not pay me to work for you. You don’t even treat me with respect. I owe you nothing at all. I work on in my freetime for people who enjoy this website and are frriendly. Not for little assholes who behave like they are the only person on the planet and ignore everybody around them.
    Behave like a human being or leave. But I won’t draw anything for you now. There are better people who deserve my time.

  13. Miguel Irizarry

    @Janina I am a human being and my parents raised me well, you just pissed me off! I’ve been waiting patiently and you still denied my request! Of corse I’ll be mad! You don’t know me, I’m not a bad person in real life. Also, I’m not 12 years old, I’m 22 going on 23 in April! I’m a grown man! I didn’t wanted it to come to this, but you kept pissing me off! This wouldn’t have happen if you just accepted my request in the first place! I didn’t want to be rude, that’s not the type of person am! I’ve waited too long! You could’ve prevented this by just accepting my request! You accepted other peoples request, why not mine!? I had tried being nice, but still nothing! When I first mentioned it, you could’ve just pretend that you knew what I was talking about! I’ll apologize about my previous comment only if you apologize first. I really did’t want this to happen. PS @Mister How do you know where I live? Do I know you in real life, or do you have me mistaken for somebody else? Who are you!?

  14. Rob

    Are you stupid?? Read what Janina wrote!
    SURPRISE! Others have wishes as well.
    She was even considering to include your wish and you insult her.
    You are the one to apologize.
    Strange people…

  15. Eggyslav

    @ Miguel Irizarry: Whoa, there, calm your tits! Yeesh! Just because you have a wish, it doesn’t mean Janina will do it for you right away. She has this whole site to manage, and many other users have also wishes. She works hard for all this community, and you just step in, request items from some obscure anime, and when Janina says she’ll think about it, you get pissed off like a spoiled baby, and insult her. That’s not how it works here, deal with it, or GTFO.

  16. Eggyslav

    PS. Janina isn’t selfish, she sacrifices her free time for this site and community, while you act like a douche, just because she didn’t want to what you wanted. I dare say, that the only selfish person around here is you, my good sir.

  17. Miguel Irizarry

    @Rob I’m not stupid, but I am sorry. You don’t really have the right to call me stupid, you don’t even know me. I was just angry, I got so angry that it gave me a headache. @Janina I’m truly sorry about what I said, sometimes I get so angry that I just can’t control it. I deeply regret what I said, please forgive me, I was being a jerk. That is not the type of person I am. My head still hurts from this headache. I would understand if you don’t forgive me, I don’t blame you. I blame myself for being such an ass-hole. I hope you can forgive me for being such a jerk. I’m really not a bad person, I’m just deeply misunderstood. You guy don’t know all the stuff I’ve been through.

  18. Janina Post author

    To avoid more insults I switched to moderated comments today while I was working or was away from the computer. I will do this again if it is neccessary. Just in case anybody wonders why he cannot reply immediately.
    And I will not comment on this topic again.

  19. Miguel Irizarry

    @Janina I understand that, I really sorry about how rude I was. Do you fogive me? I had actually tried to appologize before, but it didn’t accepted my comment. I hope you you don’t think I’m a horrible person, because I’m not. PS please try stop the other fans from talking bad about me. I already apologived. Lets just prtentend this nevered happend, okay. Please reconsider my request, I really am sorry.

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