Update: Magic effects & old objects

SP-Studio update: 36 dresses12 missing objects and 4 new MAGIC EFFECTS have been added to the SP-Studio!

The umbrella is a complete redrawing. I asked my Patreon supporters what they want to see and they voted for lightning, so I decided to add several magic effects. If you want to vote for new updates and support the SP-Studio at the same time you can always join my Patreon campaign: https://www.patreon.com/janinahimmen Huge thanks to everybody who already did! Especially now that I have to deal with these health issues every donation is a big help.

By the way: Of course you can recolor, flip, rotate and move the new effects, so for example the lightning or sun like glowing could be moved to the sky to be used as weather effects.

6 thoughts on “Update: Magic effects & old objects

  1. annanese

    When ever you get better do you know if there will be any special effects added or will there be any new updates, I’m just curious.

  2. Janina Post author

    I still have to bring back the rest of the “special shirts” from the old SP-Studio, so this will be next. Around the end of July. I will be really happy when I am done with bringing over the old items and can start with fully new updates. 🙂 The plan is to have steampunk related update and one about work / business fashion in late summer, because I already promised these last year.

  3. annanese

    Oh I know you said something about bringing the shirts back, but I was just curious to when they were coming?

  4. Janina Post author

    I hope to upload the next update around August 1st. But it might be a bit earlier oder later depending on how I react to my first Corona shot. 🙂

  5. Janina Post author

    Okay, now I have a certain date: August 8th.
    I decided to use this extra week because I want to include more shirts and add some new ones as well. Only old items are a bit boring.

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