Update: Hobby tables

SP-Studio Update: Hobby tablesSix new tables for different activities were added as foreground effects!

This update was something I planned to do for a long time, because it will help to personalize your profile pictures even more with your favourite hobbies. The tables in the foreground are packed with a lot of different things, and I hope you like them! If you enjoy video games or just want your character to work on a computer this is now possible. But what about a trading card game or a jigsaw puzzle? They are included as well. Then there is this tasty kitchen scene for cooks. Of couese an artist’s table with colored pencils and a sketch book should not be missing. And finally I’ve been drawing a table with books, notes and a big cup of coffee for all of you who stay up late to read, write and learn. Every scene comes with custom colors for certain elements.

17 thoughts on “Update: Hobby tables

  1. Romy

    Hi, I love this webcite very much as I’m a big South Park fan, but I can’t get the new update. Please help!

  2. Janina Post author

    This is strange… I got no other copmplaints so far. So the update should be there for you as well.
    Have you pressed ctrl first, and then while still holding it down you pressed F5 in addition to it?
    You can also go to your browser’s privacy settings and delete the website cache.

  3. Romy

    wait !i just updated my laptop (which is a mac), and I pressed down Cmd and Shift and then pressed R, and it worked! thank you so much for helping

  4. Janina Post author

    I do not have much time at the moment, so unfortunately this is why the wish voting gallery was not updated. But no wishes get lost… I collect all the e-mails.

  5. klara

    janina ; why was on your screen green on the tiwch , when i saw the tv on the tiwtch , i thought that something scary pops out ike in the game five nights at frettys

  6. JorgePr

    Hi. Sorry to bother you, but can’t see the new updates either, neither hte Text button. I tried the Ctrl+F5 and also deleting cookies, nd nothing. Any idea?

  7. Janina Post author

    Deleting the cookies is not enough, but deleting the whole cache is the best way when nothing else helps. So you should try this. Usually you can find this option in your browser’s security or privacy settings. By deleting the cache (sometimes it’s called temporary internet files) there is no way anymore to load the old version od the SP-Studio. So it’s forced to load the updated files.

    Usually Ctrl+F5 does the same thing, because it deletes the cache for this website you are currently visiting. So it’s strange this did not help.

  8. klara

    i am so happy an i just cant wait for the supries wish on chrismas ; my wish is the little einsteins baton ; but first i have to fin the perfect picture for it

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