20 years of SP-Studio!

Let's celebrate 20 years of SP-Studio during SeptemberLet’s dedicate this month to celebrating the 20th birthday of this website! Follow the SP-Studio during Spetember for a special time travel experience:


2002, can you believe this? That’s a pretty long time! The SP-Studio is older than YouTube, Twitter or the iPhone. And I am still sitting here at the very same desk drawing updates for a project which I started while still in school. It has been really difficult sometimes, but I am happy I made it so far without giving up. While I cannot remember the exact month of the launch I know it was online by late summer. So I picked September for celebrating this special anniversary.

During all these years I had the pleasure to see an amazing community grow. Suddenly I saw SP-Studio pictures popping up everywhere, which were often used as profile pictures by people who didn’t even watch South Park. I remember countless heartwarming or funny e-mails I got. Our monthly picture contests never disappoint me in terms of creativity. Back during its most successful years I was able to finance my studies through the SP-Studio because there were so many visitors. Even the South Park team contacted me because of it. This project gave me the confidence to work as a freelance designer. And two years ago it was a big step forward when Lars helped me with all the coding for a new version, when I was not able to do this on my own. Now the SP-Studio is ready for the next 20 years!

Big thanks to everybody who supported the SP-Studio until now or wants to do so in the future! Especially to those who donated to this project to help it stay alive. But also to all of you who send me motivating feedback, help me with errors, listen to my rants about trolls or just share the fun you have with the SP-Studio. I hope you enjoy the look back I prepared for you. For 2$+ Patrons I will write longer posts, so be sure to check them out as well.

21 thoughts on “20 years of SP-Studio!

  1. JorgePr

    Wow! 20 years! I can only think of the hard, passionate work you’ve done and thank you (and Lars) for that! I guess it’s ike a kid for you! Congrats and please make it 20 more!

  2. Janina Post author

    This was the reason why the SP-Studio had a complete remake in late 2020. Flash stopped working in January 2021. Browsers stopped supporting Flash back then because of security issues. When a software does not receive updates anymore it can be a risk, and this was the case with Flash. So today you cannot view Flash content anymore on your browser – unless you use special software to make it work again. I still have a Flash player installed on my computer though, so at least I can look at my old projects.


    Happy 20 annivrsary for the team and the Mother of this awsome page Janina! best regards from Venezuela. I have used your page for years, but now it does not work anymore. Is there any idea or something I should have on my pc to use ir again? Thank you for your effort and love to what you’ve done for so long!

  4. Janina Post author

    Hello Maria. I replied to your e-mail, but just in case here is what I wrote. There are twi things you can try to fix this problem:

    1) On sp-studio.de try to press the keys “ctrl” and “F5” at the same time. This should reload the page. But different from a normal reload it will force the browser to look for the new files.
    2) If this does not help you might have to delete the browser cache once. It depends on your browser (Firefox, Chrome, Edge?) how it’s done. But usually you have to go to the browser’s security settings. There you can “clear the cache” or “delete temporary internet files”. This forces every website to reload and not use old files anymore.

    I hope this will help you. Please tell me if there are still problems.

  5. klara

    the rason i am spam you an trolling you in the past ts because i not rea the rule , i not know that you hav some rules ,i was such a spambot an i even insult you with names like you are the worst creacter ever , that was not very nice of me , i know you were try to be nice to me

  6. klara

    janina , i ran out of the ieas for the gallery wish ; but i think about how can be more picturs for the wish voting gallery

  7. Janina Post author

    I had not much time last month to update the wish voting gallery because of the anniversary posts and because my dog was very ill. But I will update the gallery soon with new pictures. 🙂

  8. Janina Post author

    My dog Aaron had a tumor, which was potentially deadly. So we were very worried about him. But things look good now. The tumor was removed in a surgery and it looks like it did not spread yet. So Aaron is recovering now and we hope the cancer will not return.

  9. SpookyRookie

    Hi Janina, and Congratulations to your amazing art and work in 20 Years of continuous progress. I truely love, and really admire what you´ve created here for all of us during that period. Thxs a lot.

  10. Janina Post author

    @SpookyRookie: Thank you for your kind words!

    @Klara: I am married, so I live with my husband Sven and our dog Aaron.

  11. klara

    janina , my other wish is leos hair , you think that you can acept my wish an i make so many wishes , is that ok with too many wishes ? because i have so many iteas

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