Traditional costumes (1)

Traditional costumes from around the world - South Park styleThis is the start of a couple of small updates about “traditional costumes from around the world”. This topic was picked in a poll by my 5$+ Patrons. I decided to split the update into smaller ones, so you can still suggest iconic clothes for the next updates in the comments below.
Today four new clothes were added to the SP-Studio:

  • traje de flamenca (from Spain)
  • gho (from Bhutan)
  • kasaya (robe of Buddhist monks)
  • hanbok (from Korea)

8 thoughts on “Traditional costumes (1)

  1. jeannette

    une fille petite un visage rond de long cheveux une faucette un gros nez 2 yeu brun de petites oreilles elle est fine sans lunette

  2. Adam

    Hey there ^^, just curious if it would be possible for you to add a hood like kennys, you know the orange one which covers the face, but make a color customizable one? like instead of having kenny’s you can change the color to have your own, hope this made sense XD ^^

  3. 0u0

    I like what you did with the bear and other things but this might sound weird. Could you perhaps make a duck costume? its ok if not it’s sort of a random request 😛

  4. Janina Post author

    @Erwin Imagin Fourze: Your wish was included in the new update. I hope you like how it turned out 🙂
    @Adam: This should be possible, I put it on my list.
    @0u0: There are a duck mouth and duck feet already. So I am not sure if this will be included… sorry.

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