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SP-Studio update: Egyptian Pharaoh

Pharaoh costume

SP-Studio update: Egyptian PharaohToday’s update is inspired by history:
With the new hat, beard and jewelry you can dress up your SP-Studio characters as an Egyptian Pharaoh. You can even rebuild the famous death mask of Tutankhamun by seletcing a golden skin tone.
And another classic costume is already in the making, so it will be online in time before Halloween :).

Places from around the world

Places: Colosseum & Mount Fuji

It’s time for the last “Places from around the World” update. I included your favorites from the last poll: The Colosseum (Italy) and Mount Fuji (Japan). With 27 % and 22 % of the votes those two places were clear winners. I hope you like those new backgrounds! πŸ™‚
During the last couple of weeks I was asked a lot to draw more costumes, so that’s what the next update will be about.
Places from around the world

Statue of Liberty & Venus Project

Places: Statue of Liberty & Contest wish

Two new backgrounds were included in the SP-Studio. Your favorite idea was New York’s Statue of Liberty, so here it is! The second image was inspired by the futuristic “Venus Project” and was a wish by contest winner TDC. A new vote has been added to the sidebar based on your requests, so let’s see what the final places-update will look like. I decided to pick countries which were not chosen yet to make it a little bit more interesting. Don’t forget to vote for what I should draw next!
Statue of Liberty & Venus Project

Places from around the world

Places: Eiffel tower & Stonehenge

Thanks to everybody who has voted so far! You picked the Statue of Liberty, Stonehenge and the Eiffel tower, so those places will be added to the SP-Studio. I am not finished with the Statue of Liberty yet (don’t worry, it will be included for sure), but here are the other two:
Places from around the world
Of course more famous places from around the world will be added. A new vote with new places will start after the next update. Don’t forget to vote for what I should draw next!

Places: Germany

I wanted to do this in July, but unfortunately I was not able to work on any updates. But now it is time for the month of famous places from around the world! I will draw new background pictures for the SP-Studio, inspired by your favorite places. It can be landmarks or just typical landscapes from different areas of the world. What do you think should be included? You can vote in the sidebar or suggest more places in the comments. There will be another vote later this month with your ideas.
The first update is inspired by my own country, Germany. I picked an important landmark (the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin) and a stereotypical Bavarian landscape ;). Because these might be two things Germany is famous for.
Places from around the world
Don’t forget to vote for what I should draw next!

Update: 63 new objects

Mixed UpdateEnjoy 63 new objects and more colors for the SP-Studio!

  • choose between 100 colors now for hair, skin and many objects
  • 15 new mouths and 4 eyes
  • different ears and noses were added to the “Face” category
  • face piercings and more earrings, which can be combined
  • 9 glasses and you can pick your own color for most of them
  • a better leather jacket and flannel shirts in different colors
  • 2 weapons, 2 shields and a nice Scottish Bagpipe
  • different tails, bird wings, a flashlight, a candle, a brush, a billard queue, a dumbbell, pliers and a piece of paper

Additionaly an Italian translation of the help text was added. Thanks to Mark Meilak! If you want to translate this text for your own language too, I would be happy to include it.
I hope you like this mixed update and there is something for everybody. As you might have noticed some of the new objects were chosen because they were suggested in the community wish voting and got good reatings. So if you have a request – post it there and maybe you’re lucky as well! The wished which are included were moved to the archives now and the votes are reset. Let’s see what will be chosen for the next update.

Soccer Update

Update: Fifa Worldcup

Soccer UpdateOkay, you got me… Because of the upcoming wold cup in South Africa I got so many requests for football shirts, that I decided to do this one (and it will be the only one EVER, so don’t even think about asking for more sports wear! πŸ™‚ ) special update. I drew them for all 32 teams, so every fan should find a fitting shirt for him now. You can combine the shirts with the text tool to add numbers and there’s a fitting background too. I hope you like it!
And regarding the world cup:
Recently I made a video for the German Acapella band “Basta” They recorded a funny song about the different teams. It’s in German, but perhaps you want to check it out anyway.
Basta – Gimme Hope Joachim (Video drawn & animated by me, Janina Himmen)
And I have some good news for the ones who can’t stand soccer at all: I am still working on another mixed update for the SP-Studio, which just needs more time.

Advent Calendar

SP-Studio Christmas Special 2009

It’s December 1st – and so this year’s Christmas Special can start!
I got so many nice requests that it will be difficult to choose only 24 of them. But I will try my best to draw useful new things, and of course you can still write down your wishes here in the comments. The surprise for the first day is a saxophone, because that’s the music instrument most of my visitors wished for for a long time. I hope you like it! I will update this Advent calendar every day when I add a new item to the SP-Studio, so don’t forget to check it out tomorrow :).
Advent Calendar
PLEASE remember: NO different body shapes! I have explained so many times, why I will never include this… please stop asking.

Update: Explore new places

I’m less busy now and so I can start drawing SP-Studio updates again. Thanks for your patience – and of course many thanks for your nice comments regarding my upcoming wedding! πŸ™‚
Today I present you 13 new background images, so you can send your characters to varied places now. I added your favorite wishes, so I hope you enjoy this update and it helps you to be more creative when you build your own characters. Included in the new update are motives of big cities, nature and even space and an under water scene. The new places are marked with white stars.
Backgrounds Update

Advent Calendar

SP-Studio Christmas Special 2008

The first big SP-Studio Christmas Special starts today!
I will draw one new item every day till Christmas, and you can send me your wishes. The first new part is a classic Christmas scene as a background. Many wished for that and I think it’s a good way to help you design your own Christmas cards. But what will be next…? Have fun with the 24 updates and keep checking back for what surprises the next days will bring!
By the way, I was overwhelmed by the number of e-mails I got. More than 2.000 wishes were sent in until now for this Christmas Special, and yes, I read every single one of them. It’s very hard to choose 24 items to draw, so please do not be sad if your request isn’t picked. I have already decided to work on special themed updates in January to add more of your great ideas. So keep on wishing :). By the way: I have fixed some small errors as well (layer problems with the masks, bracelets, ties and text tool).
Advent Calendar