Statue of Liberty & Venus Project

Places: Statue of Liberty & Contest wish

Two new backgrounds were included in the SP-Studio. Your favorite idea was New York’s Statue of Liberty, so here it is! The second image was inspired by the futuristic “Venus Project” and was a wish by contest winner TDC. A new vote has been added to the sidebar based on your requests, so let’s see what the final places-update will look like. I decided to pick countries which were not chosen yet to make it a little bit more interesting. Don’t forget to vote for what I should draw next!
Statue of Liberty & Venus Project

16 thoughts on “Places: Statue of Liberty & Contest wish

  1. Janina Post author

    Unfortunately the WWE is not a very frienldy company when it comes to copyright issues. I don’t want to get sued ;). I could include some hair styles, but no original WWE costumes and logos.

  2. TOM.J

    GTA games are basically are car and gun open world games.Rated 18 cos the have a sexual storyline aswell as torture scenes . 😉

  3. Janina Post author

    Oh, I knew that and even saw the trailers, because they games are so popular :). But I am not sure what an SP-Studio update should be about. The clothes of the main characters? Or maybe some backgrounds and weapons?
    Sorry. no more FIFA shirts. It would be too much work to do this again, and only soccer fans would like it. I prefer smaller updates for different groups of people now :).

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