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SP-Studio remake surveyThis little survey will help to determine which features are most important for the SP-Studio remake. It might not be possible to include all of them, because donations are still needed. So please take the time to tell me about what’s important for you. Thank you very much!
SP-Studio Functions Survey

A detailed blog post about the current state of the development of the SP-Studio remake will follow soon.

22 thoughts on “SP-Studio Remake: Survey

  1. Janina Post author

    Okay… I will asume you are not trolling. I don’t want to be impolite, but some wishes are not logical.
    Unfortunately the characters are no 3D models. So it s not possible to see their side or back, because they don’t have any of this. They are just 2D drawings.
    Moving elements in a picture maker would not make sense because… well… pictures do not move. The picture file you save would not be able to show the moving arms.

  2. alecia

    I think we should be able 2 make teens and adults 2 if that isn’t 2 much trouble. I have other ideas but I don’t want 2 say what other people already said. please take my idea to thought.

  3. Janina Post author

    Thank you for every feedback :).
    But unfortunately teens and adults result in the same problem as side view, back view or different body shapes in general. I will try to explain it more detailed:
    If I’d add additional body shapes / positions for the characters I’d have to draw new items mutliple times. For example I’d need to draw a shirt for thin people and for fat people. There is no way to automatically transform it because this would look ugly. So 2 different body shapes means 2x the work. Since I only have a certain amount of time I can spend on the SP-Studio this would result in half the updates.
    I believe most people don’t want to see less updates, even if this would result in beeing able to choose from two body shapes. It sounds like less fun for all of us. So this is the reason why I don’t think this is a good idea right now. There are other characters creators out there with different body shapes, but this results in less items. It’s not the path I’d choose because I like it when you have many different items.
    Things would look different if I could invest more time. Then I could afford to work on more updates and maybe body shapes. But this would only be possible with way more money, and I don’t want to force my visitors into paying for the SP-Studio.

  4. Richmond

    No im not trolling I just wanna See the Sideview of the characters and The Back Of the chracter of course for some future use like (Animation, Pictures ETC) Im serious but if its really difficult i understand.

  5. Janina Post author

    I’m sorry. You know, this request about sideview or different body shapes has become kind of a running gag among people who know me well, because I was asked for it a lot a couple of years ago. But if you haven’t heard my explaination before you cannot know about this.
    I see how this would be very useful for animations, but I guess at least 90% of my visitors only want to create single pictures. So they’d mostly use the front view and prefer as many items for it as possible. Even if it would be no technical problem the time spend for the extra views would not be worth it in my opinion – considering how most people use the SP-Studio.
    (and it would be very boring for me to draw a new item from different angles instead of drawing multiple different items instead πŸ˜‰ )

  6. Ramone

    I’d love to see more hairstyles and cosmetics from the games, especially TFBW. Prosthetic body parts would also be really cool to see, I have a character whose left leg is missing and being able to recreate that here would be great!

  7. Ramone

    Awesome! I sketched up some quick ideas, hope you don’t mind πŸ˜€ https://imgur.com/9h3C5ir It’s a bit hard to work on such a small area, but I think I did okay.
    While I’m still thinking about it, Timmy’s wheelchair would be awesome too, if it’s not too hard!

  8. Janina Post author

    @Richmond: There might be more superhero costumes in the future, maybe even a Mysterion costume. πŸ™‚ It’s on my list of wishes, but since this list is very long I try not to promise anything. So… yes, it’s possible. But right now this is not a planned update. The next ones will continue the “classic cartoons costumes”, but because of working on the SP-Studio remake it takes more time as planned.

  9. Janina Post author

    @Ramone: Thank you, those will be helpful!
    A wheelchair was requested by many people and I wanted to include it, but because of the position of the character it does not fit into the picture. You’d only see the upper part of the wheelchair. Do you think I should include it anyway?

  10. douglas#10 productions

    i have an idea how about transparent backgrounds so if people want to they can put there character anywhere

  11. Janina Post author

    This is on my list but I cannot tell yet if it will be technically possible. But we will have a look at it for sure when the save function will be added.

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