South Park Update: Clothes

South Park costumesAs an addition to the last update I included some costumes inspired by South Park. This is the final South Park related update, because now I want to focus on more original drawings again. I looked through many clothes to find interesting ones and hope the ones I selected are useful for different purposes:

  • Barbarian costume with fitting helmet from “The Stick of Truth”
  • Craig’s cloak and scarf from “Black Friday” (custom colors)
  • Princess Kenny’s dress (Zelda)
  • Estella’s dress
  • Bradley’s shirt
  • Cartman’s “Freak strike” outfit

9 thoughts on “South Park Update: Clothes

  1. Joyce Ismael

    This will do nicely, thank you for the update! Although the Princess Kenny costume can’t go nicely without the matching beautiful wig. Other than that, I cannot wait for the original updates!

  2. Janina Post author

    Which OS (WIndows, Linix, Mac…) and internet browser do you use? And do you see the SP-Studio at all or or does it not load?

  3. chriscoull

    please can you do double wield swords and attack on titan clothes, 3d maneuvering gear, the swords from the series and hairstyles plz!

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