New variations for the hair

South Park hair updateA new button was included which allows you to switch the highlights and shadows on and off for every hairstyle! This means the old hairstyles are available in new variations, so make sure to revisit them to have a look. The “shadows” button can be found in the upper right corner when you select the color.
I am sorry for the lack of updates during the past couple of months. This update might not seem like a big deal, but I had to put a lot of time into it to make it work. The coding in the background took a while and I had to change 214 files with different drawings. In combination with a lot of “real life work” I hope this explains my absence.
The reason for this update was my own disappointment with my old drawings. My drawing style changed over the years and I prefer shadows and highlights now to make the hair look a little bit more realistic. I wanted to bring a more consistent look to the hairstyle category but I know some of my visitors love the classic flat South Park look. So how could I make everyone happy? That’s why I decided to offer the option to choose between those two styles. And removing the highlights might be helpful for those artists as well who like to use the items in different and creative ways.

7 thoughts on “New variations for the hair

  1. Erwin Imagin Fourze

    So I’ve tried the shading toggle, and some like the Wendy and Bebe hairstyles don’t have the effect and some like Craig’s didn’t have a flat counterpart. Is this feature still not complete?

  2. Janina Post author

    The old shaded hairstyles (like Craig’s) should all have flat counterparts, but perhaps an old version is still saved to your browser cashe. You can clear the cashe in the browser settings, but usually it recognizes new files after a while by itself.
    Regarding Wendy and Bebe: Oops! I actually forgot about them. I will include them after the Christmas Special.

  3. John

    Looking over updates for the first time in ages Janina, and I applaud you for one of the most creative updates you’ve ever done, and that is saying something because your updates are always cool – awesome work!
    (Yes, I know it’s been a while…)

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