It isn’t loading?

  • Scriptblockers should be deactivated.
  • Patience! 🙂 When the loading message appears you need to wait. It might take up to 3 minutes, but you only need to load the files once! Pushing the reload button all the time makes things worse. Relax, wait some minutes, then try again.
  • Clear your browser cache if the page never loads or is “blinking”. This helps in most cases! You don’t know how to do this?
  • Use a fast internet connection. If it’s slow try to find a good wifi spot (> 5 mbps).
  • In general computers work more reliable than phones. And phones work more reliable than tablets.
  • Everything is loaded in the beginning during the initial loading phase. You managed to load the SP-Studio once? Keep it open in the background for later! After this you can even use it offline as long as you do not close the app.
You can help improving the with a small donation!
Recently the SP-Studio became a TikTok trend which lead to a huge rise in visitor numbers, but not in donations. Maintaining it costs money. You can support me here:

How do I clear my browser cache?

If you feel like the website is stuck you can clear your browser cache with the following instructions. You will get a blank character then.

It loads, but there is a different problem?

If you have any other questions regarding the use of the SP-Studio please check the F.A.Q. page. Most questions have already been answered there. You want to know how to save your character? How to have two characters in one picture? Why there are no different body shapes? All the SP-Studio knowledge is collected in one place:

Report a Bug

After you checked all suggested solutions, you can report your problem. Make sure then that you provide as much information as you can. Otherwise nobody will be able to help you. You can ask for help on the forum or Discord server.

There used to be a nice form for bug reports here, but unfortunately I had to remove it. It was too often misused for senseless messages.

I wanted to help directly if you encounter problems with the SP Studio, but this did not work out and so I stopped. It was a very frustrating experience. I am sorry for those who behaved well. Thank the people who don’t know anything better to do with their time than to make trouble.