Drag and drop is back

SP-Studio UpdateWhile I am preparing the Christmas Special Lars coded another useful addition for the item options: You can now move items with drag and drop!

In the old version of the SP-Studio it was easy for me to implement this, but it turned out to be way more challenging without Flash. Applause for Lars who made it work anyway! You now have the choice to use the arrow buttons, the arrow keys on your keyboard or your mouse cursor to move an item. On mobile devices it works with touch control.

This is the final update before the Christmas Special will start on December 1st. The Wish Voting Gallery has been updated, so make sure to like and comment on your favorite ideas! Of course you can still submit your own wish here. And check out the new blog sidebar. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Drag and drop is back

  1. Janina Post author

    Please do not spam. I see when a wish arrives. No need to write two comments and send the same wish four times.

    And please add fitting pictures to your wishes. You know… I was doing this once to help you, but I do not have the time anymore to look for pictures. And often I cannot know what you want it to look like. That’s why there is the upload button.

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