Update: Work & Business Fashion

SP-Studio UpdateWith today’s big update 24 items have been added to the SP-Studio!

You can go for a more professional office look now with a skirt suit, a bottom shirt with a tie and single ties with stripes and polka dots. Four different types of name tags can be found in the “accessories” category as well. I have been redrawing some work related outfits from the old SP-Studio because I did not like their look anymore, and there are several completely new ones. Dress up as an astronaut, pilot / captain, sailor, firefighter, paramedic, city wok guy, Raisins girl, priest, police officer (long & short sleeves) or nurse. Or how about an apron or a bulletproof vest to combine with any other shirt? I hope you enjoy this update. 🙂

17 thoughts on “Update: Work & Business Fashion

  1. klara

    janina ; how can i sent the idea of the new update like everyone does ; its just like a wish box or the gallery ; or something else

  2. Janina Post author

    You already used the Wish Voting gallery in the past to submit your ideas. So I don’t understand why you ask this question? The Wish Voting gallery is the place for all ideas for new upodates. 🙂

  3. Janina Post author

    No, the wishes are for every update.
    But during Christmas the chances are best to get any wish done, because they are 24 mixed items. All other updates during the year have a topic. So for example I would not draw a lighthouse for the “work & business fashion” update, because it would not fit the topic. The ties and skirt suit from this update were wishes from the Wish Voting Gallery.

  4. klara

    ooh ; now i understand ; same thing with timmys weelchair ; its so bit it can tfit in the topic ; sorry or sending a lighthouse and a timmys weelchair ; i didnt know they too big to not fit

  5. Janina Post author

    Oh no, this is not what I meant in this case. I do not mean to fit the size, but to fit the topic. Topic means theme.

    An example:
    1. I decide to do an update about the topic “work fashion”.
    2. Then I look through the Wish voting gallery and pick some of the fashion items: the tie and the skirt suit. Because they are clothes fit the topic “work fashion”.
    3. I did not pick the lighthouse for this update because a lighthouse is no clothes. 🙂

    If I ever do a “vacation” update or a “seaside” update I might pick the lighthouse because it fits the topic.

    Most updates have a special topic (or theme), but the Christmas updates are mixed. So every idea has a chance there.

  6. klara

    i understand janina ; that was kind of stupid of me to pick this background item sorry for calling that word ; i know i should not say the word stupid in the comments ; but it makes me kind of sad for sending this wish to you; i should have wish for something what i like and what ever i wish for

  7. Janina Post author

    No, no, it’s not a stupid wish at all. Don’t worry. 🙂 99% of the wishes are not for the next update – and that’s fine. I love this variety. All the different wishes inspire me.
    Often you cannot know what I need for the next update anyway. Things like the lighthouse will be useful in the future. It might just take a while.

    So please continue to upload any idea you like. If they do not fit the next update they might fit later. Or for the Christmas special with all the mixed items.

  8. klara

    thanks janina ; the reason i said this ; its beacues ; i worried about my uncle ; he was in the operation ; and he was been there like days ; and i am worried that if he ever comes back ; your the great chreactor janina ; i know this is not a chat

  9. klara

    me too janina ; its just i am a little worried about him ; because i hope that he ever comes home from the hospital

  10. klara

    janina ; when are you going to put the head brace ; i know that you dont have much time ;but i am so happy about that ; i ran out my wish ideas

  11. klara

    its ok janina ; my uncle is finely home from the hospital ; and i am so happy about the items ; and i wish a cat hat and some girls hair ; but its not from south park seasons

  12. klara

    i have a best wish for the new items ; a girls hair and a cat hat ; but its not from the an seasons or episodes ; a dirt on the hand ; and inside o the car with a steering weel like the character is driving

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