Update: History

SP-Studio hair updateThe SP-Studio got some new historical items! All of these originated in the Twitch livestreams I did during the last two weeks. Thanks to the chat for the feedback and ideas!

  • a background with greek columns
  • musketeer costume (a fitting red hat was already there)
  • wig in Marie Antoinette style
  • Thracian gladiator helmet
  • single pencil mustache
  • crakows as new shoes
  • Two pharao insignia

5 thoughts on “Update: History

  1. Janina Post author

    Thank you 🙂
    Regarding different dog breeds: Unfortunately there are so many that it is very difficult to choose. The two I unlcuded are a dog from South Park (because it was the initial inspiration for the SP-Studio) and my own dog. After this I got a lot of requests for different breeds, but everybody has a different favorite. While I’d love to give everbody the option to add a dog similar to their favorite this would be a way too huge update. It’s the same with band shirts or sports teams. So… sorry, no more dogs for now. But if I’ll do a “dogs” update in the future I think I will start a vote for it so it’s a fair decision about which breeds will be included.

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