Update: a mixed LGK update

SP-Studio UpdateLars is on fire! Our favourite React developer added even more features to the SP-Studio:

  • Improved rotation: You can now choose to rotate an item clockwise or counter-clockwise.
  • Repositioning the options: In the desktop view a new arrow icon lets you pin the options menu to the top of the page. This can be helpful if you don’t want it to cover the item list.
  • Two new items: And as a little thank you for Lars I included bigger round glasses and a smart watch. The new SP-Studio gets better with every update and I appreciate his help a lot.

You can find Lars’ personal website here: https://lgk.io

31 thoughts on “Update: a mixed LGK update

  1. Janina Post author

    @klara: The awseome guy who does the coding for the SP-Studio since the relaunch in 12/2020. The old SP-Studio stopped working last year and Lars helped me safe it by rebuilding the whole code. He is a professional programmer and I am more a designer, so I could not have done it without him. 🙂
    You can read more on the “About” page: https://www.sp-studio.de/w/about/

  2. klara

    ok ;i still working on the arrow that pont up to get working ; it will take a bit longer to join you and get to the discord ; is that ok to wait for me to working and join untill i will fix it ; i will let you know on the discord when i join

  3. klara

    oh ; well ; i am speaking only czech ; but someetime i speak english ;i love to sing ; what german song do you like to sing ?; and aslo do you like singng ?

  4. Janina Post author

    I cannot sing at all 😀 When I listen to music it’s mainly in English or other languages, not in German.
    But this is no chat… 🙂

  5. klara

    hi janina ; i know that this is not a chat but i need to tell you that i really really love the brace mouth ; they are my favorite itlems

  6. klara

    janina ? ;i know that this is not a chat ; i am still working on the up arrow on the left and its not working but how are you feeling ? ;i am teellng to make sur you are ok ; because i am a little worried you ; i dont want you to have the covid

  7. Janina Post author

    Thank you 🙂 But I am vaccinated and tested, and after the test I know I don’t have Covid. Just a really bad cold that doesn’t want to go away.
    But I started working on the next SP-Studio update again today.

  8. klara

    not to spam you janina ; but do you know pokemon ? ; i know that this is not a chat question but whant to know if you lke pokemon ; you are more then just a creacter ; you feel more like my big friend or pal to me

  9. Janina Post author

    I like the Pokémon games. I started playing the main games with the Nintendo DS version (Diamond) and later played the old GameBoy games. I also played Pokémon Go daily for a long time. We used to live in an area with a huge Pokémon Go community, so this was a lot of fun! But I never watched the anime and I am not really interested in the story.

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