South Park x Guardians of the Galaxy costumes

Superheroes #1: Guardians

Suth Park x Guardians of the Galaxy crossover SP-Studio updateFor ages my visitors have asked me for superhero costumes, and now your wish shall be granted. This is the start of a couple of updates with costumes inspired by famous superheroes. For the start I picked the Guardians of the Galaxy, because their second movie runs in theaters just now. This is new:

  • Rocket Raccoon inspired clothes, tail, face fur and white whiskers
  • Star-Lord inspired clothes and mask
  • Gamora inspired clothes
  • Baby Groot 🙂

You might ask for Drax now. I want to split the content in several small updates, so each of them has 3 costumes. Baby Groot was a bonus because it’s no actual costume. So Drax might come later – or other heroes, because there are a ton of them to choose from. Let’s see what will be included next. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Superheroes #1: Guardians

  1. Janina Post author

    Do you see the welcome message (“Welcome to the SP-Studio!”)? On the right of it you can select the different body parts and items.
    If you don’t see anything like this and just a white spot you might need to install the Flash player. Which computer do you use? Windows?

  2. CF_Mitch

    Yaaayy, awesome!
    Can’t wait what you have planned for the next batch of superhero updates!
    I know I’ve been asking for Marvel stuff during the Christmas Advent updates, particularly Cyclops, but I hope there will be some DC Comics superhero stuff as well. Like the symbol’s from The Flash and Green Lantern 🙂
    Regards and many thanks,

  3. Janina Post author

    Thank you for your nice comment 🙂 There will be some DC costumes as well, most likely in the next update.

  4. CF_Mitch

    Great to hear it! =D
    Something tells me it might involve an Amazonian warrior princess who currently stars in in a newly released movie 😉

  5. Janina Post author

    They are already there 🙂
    Capes & belts: Stuff / fashion accessories category
    Pants for jumpsuits or with underpants on top of them: legs category
    Masks: Stuff / glasses & masks category

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