Super Mario tribute

Super Mario tributeAfter the Disney Princesses and Star Wars these are the final costumes in a row of pop culture inspired SP-Studio updates. When it comes to iconic video game characters nobody can compete with Super Mario. So I drew this tribute to Mario and Luigi. My Patrons voted for the Nintendo characters they wanted to see. And check out the Princess Peach dress and hair as well, which was already included a while back.
The new items are:

  • Mario’s and Luigi’s hats
  • Luigi’s beard (Mario’s was already included)
  • overall in custom colors
  • a new nose in custom colors

I fixed some bugs as well: The U.S. flag works again and some noses were moved.

5 thoughts on “Super Mario tribute

  1. CH4RFPS

    Hey, I would like to suggest a mask you should add and optionally a backround you can add. You should add an Anonymous hacker mask, or just a V for Vendetta mask. The new backround should be like, an dark office with a turned-on desktop. With coding on the monitor. This is optional as well but. You should add lighting effects. I would be SO HAPPY if you did manage to add all of this
    Good luck 🙂

  2. Janina Post author

    Please have a look at the mask section – the V for Vendetta mask is already there :). You just have to scroll a little bit to the right.
    I will add the dark office to my list of possible backgrounds.

  3. glitter

    how can you put Mario’s shirt?
    when you choose his overalls it takes off his shirt

  4. Janina Post author

    In the “freestyle collection” you can combine up to three items to create your own fashion. The layer can be chosen on top (there are numbers from 1 to 3).
    1) click on “1” and select the shirt
    2) click on “2” and select the overalls
    By the way: Descriptions are always on the left side under the canvas 🙂

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